My ESB Armor - and I\'m not even going to sell it!!!

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My ESB Armor - and I'm not even going to sell it!!!

:lol: As a few of you may know, I have a bad tendency of creating costumes of a basic quality and then selling them off to fund something else. Not this one I assure you. ;)

This is my first attempt at painting accurate battle damage to match the ref. pics. I had a hell of a time finding good ESB shots so I wouldn't be suprised if people reply that I inadvertantly copied the ROTJ armor.

I finished this up this weekend after being "creatively stuck" for a few weeks. The color is Concorde Green from Walmart Canada and has been darkened along the edges with powdered charcoal. I still need to scrub it all down with a scrub pad to get the damn clear coat shine toned down.

The bitter joy of this armor is that I had done a nice layered paintjob but cheaped out and used an "Orange" paint for the damage. The orange didn't look too bad but no where near accurate so I ended up buying the chromate paint and going over the orange topicaly. Oh well, something for Fett 2.0 I guess. :) The chromate looks too yellow in the pics but in normal light it looks great.




Here's a pic of my hardware ESB flamethrower. It should look a lot less thrown together after it's painted.


As always, feedback and critiques are welcomed.
Great job! It is tough making it look accurate but in a fun challanging way.

Can't wait to see it all complete! ;)
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Thanks fellas. I'm heading out to get the yellow paint for the shoulders and the knees after work tonight. I have to redo the knees since the sintra actually curved out. Damn stuff works like a charm for the 50+ knees I've done before this. :(
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Your paint up looks really good man! You do realize that the battle damage you put on is in the ROTJ style right??
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That's the thing. I looked for decent ESB reference shots and they all looked like the battle damage was the same as the ROTJ shots. Same Predator laser marks on the ab plate. Same dents. Am I missing something here? HELP!!!!
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The physical markings are the same but the painted scratches and so fourth or completely different. Thats exactly what makes the ESB so hard is the lack of reference but its out there... Let me see what I can dig up.
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