My DP 97 modifications....pic galore!!!

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This is my Fiberglass reinforced Dp 97 Helmet, with screw in visor and a new paint job. The ears and rangefinder still need to be painted and installed. The interior is painted with aircraft interior black with a hardhat liner. Thanks again to Secol_fett for the image hosting.







This how i did my DP97

1. With plain white paper, place of front of your helmet and trace with pencil existing visor and nose/mouth area.
This will be a mock template, but you are going to add 1/4" around top T part and 1/2" on both sides. This extra that you are adding is the part where the screws will be placed.

2.Lay new visor plastic flat and put masking tape on it so you can trace your mock paper template on it. Most visor plastic can be cut with sharp scissors, just try cutting a corner to see if you can. Cut out new visor and take tape off! Dont leave tape on because if you use a heat gun to it, glue from tape reacts with heat.

3. With a dremel tool cut out old visor and face area. Sand the rough areas from dremel tool. Also sand flat inside where the visor will be screwed onto. This area must be flat for proper visor placement.

4.On new cut out visor it must be now shaped with a heat gun, this curvature is a trial and error procedure,very easy though.

5.Once shape is done place visor in helmet and look at overlap area to put in screws, i used about 25 total. Mark with an awl or nail on visor material where screws are to be placed, remeber every inside or outside should have 2 screws.

6.The 1/4" brass roundtop size 0 screws are too long for the thin visor, so what i did was cut up little square washers made with visor material and used 2 washers per screw. Make sure you have a little screw driver that are used for tightening sunglasses or eyeglasses.

7. You can add more or less flare to the front by screwing your visor with the face opening wider or less...hope this makes sense!

8. After visor is mounted tape up visor inside helmet...sand inside your helmet completely rough it up for the fiberglass resin to stick to. After sanding take a damp cloth and wipe away dust.

9.Cut up fiberglass cloth in various shapes...mix your resin with hardener..with a cheap paint brush, brush resin lightly inside helmet in and area...then put fiberglass cloth down and brush resin over top of cloth...repeat this
through out the helmet but stay away from taped visor area.
You have brought honor into the '97 DP (not easy to do!), Seriously...excellent work! Great Idea using the screws, I wouldn't have thought of that! :D:thumbsup:
That is one sweet 97!!!

I have heard 97's will warp if the visor is gone for too long, so how long did you have the visor area cut out before you finished painting and put the new one in?
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