My Bucket


I figured I'd share my efforts with some people who might like my attempt. My dogs just licked the bucket and my girlfriend told me to go clean up my paints. Thanks Marrow for the awesome lid and also to Lee for the paints.

(Sorry everyone, I'm a finance guy, not a computer guy. Cut and paste if you could. Couldn't resize these down to the proper size without making 'em disappear.)





Still needs a few details on and around the left ear, but I'm burnt out. I'll get to it later.
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Thanks Zeever, I thought the red was pretty spot on too. You were pretty quick on that one!
I thought I would get to cover my butt before someone caught my feeble attempt at a post. Oh well...
under "go advanced" at the bottom of the post window there is a button for attaching pics...a pop-up window will show that has several "UPLOAD" buttons, browse, then hit update at the bottom.

Then post! PM me if you need further info bro.
Thanks guys, I'm trying to resize them right now.

Please don't anticipate this one. I've seen great buckets on this board, I just hope I don't fall flat on my face.
Nice job, really nice dude! Your main detailing is right on, especialy on the back... If I added anything at all to that bad boy, I would ad some rust coloring on the scrapes on the left ear peice (the helmets left) and throw just a tad bit of greys and silvers on the beauty mark on the right. Other then that my friend, its a beautiful thing, put that thing proudly where all can see!
excellent work there!!

I'd dirty it up a little, but other then that... wow!! amaizing detail there! :cheers
Ahhh....Nothing wrong with that paintjob. I would say it ranks right up there. Man seems everyone is cranking out really nice buckets. I hope mine comes out good. Still waiting on more Panzer green from Testors, argggg.....
Thanks everyone! My dogs still aren't impressed but oh well.

Just to answer few questions, I'm sorry but I don't have any in progress pics. I started out taking a few, but then I sanded the whole thing down and started over after making a few mistakes and trying a few different techniques.

As far as the painting method I used, I did start out using masking fluid, but there was a lot of touch up work that needed to be done after pulling it off. To be fair, this was also my first time using masking fluid and my second try I used it on the back of the helmet only and it worked beautifully. So with the exception of the back, everything else is topical.
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