My Blaster


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My no where close to the real thing EE-3. But its still cool. Its done now but I have to get pic's in good light. All made out of cross man bb gun, PVC, Wood, fiberglass bondo,Tasco scope,AK47 stock that I got from someplace, and yes the dents in the wood are real battle scars so think where I got it from! I wanted to do something different. And I think I got the job done!!! Just wanted to know what every one else though of it.
Click on the Boba Fett pic's. Sorry im still learing how to use this stuff.

Ill have better pic's firday night.
That's pretty cool. What am I talking about that's FRICKIN AWESOME; but a word to the wise: You may want to straighten up the front rails. And, are you using a real six-shooter as a base? I hope you let people know when you walk in a room that it's non-firing!
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