My Blaster


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My no where close to the real thing EE-3. But its still cool. Its done now but I have to get pic's in good light. All made out of cross man bb gun, PVC, Wood, fiberglass bondo,Tasco scope,AK47 stock that I got from someplace, and yes the dents in the wood are real battle scars so think where I got it from! I wanted to do something different. And I think I got the job done!!! Just wanted to know what every one else though of it.


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Click on the Boba Fett pic's. Sorry im still learing how to use this stuff.

Ill have better pic's firday night.


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It may not be screen acurate, but I FULLY DIG that stock and bracket assembly! That is awesome!



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That's pretty cool. What am I talking about that's FRICKIN AWESOME; but a word to the wise: You may want to straighten up the front rails. And, are you using a real six-shooter as a base? I hope you let people know when you walk in a room that it's non-firing!