My Armor so far



These are works in progress.

Ok, hopefully I can get my pics to post here's my knife so far: This is made from 1/8" aluminum.


As you can see the bottom two or left two holes came out like crap. I'd redo it, but a person will only see it when it's pulled out of the suit, so I couldn't see the point (no pun intended).


Chest piece: 1/4" plexiglass, unpainted, unformed.


1/4" plexiglass, needs weathering I know.


This is the wrist mounted flamethrower from the preprod suit. I wasn't going for accuracy here. And I still have to add the top nozzle and a few finishing touches.

That's it for now. I'm going to swing by my dad's and paint the chest piece today.

Need some constructive criticism on these items if you guys don't mind. ;)
Wow! Plexi Armour!? Very new, haven't seen that yet.

I have to say that your cutting looks sharp. The chest looks nice so far (I hope you're a girl ;) but I'm sure it'll look better painted...or maybe you could go for the "Seethrough Fett"? :D

The shoulder bells look very nice, and so does the flamethrower!

Good work.
Awesome Idea for armor. I havent ever heard of plexi armor either. Just one suggestion so far is that the flame thrower should have a red cable around it if you can find that color.
I agree. After I used the clear tubing I figured I should have tried the wire aisle at Home Depot. I am going to touch up the tubing some more with a secondary color for weathering, I'll do some more research I thought it was orange and not red though.
Thanks for the pic post. I don't have that one. The ref I went by shows more of an orange with a tarred black weathering look. But the pic you showed it's much clearer that it's a red/orange. That's cool I'll just repaint :)

Thanks for the ref though that image solves a lot of questions I had.
I think there's a Jango ref CD in the works, check out the Jango forum

Resourcefulness is good! Where'd you get the idea to use plexiglass for the armor? Was it cheaper or easier to get (or both) than other materials?
THats looking pretty sweet!!! I always kinda figured plexi glass was too brittle for armour, but that looks fantastic. What are you cutting it with??? Well done.
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