MY armor progress so far ( nothing special & pic heavy)


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Hey everyone, im not that far into my FP v.2 armor as i would like to be, but with work and school full time + lifes obligations this is what i got so far. On the chest, ab, and cod i sanded the bare plastic w/ 220p, then 2 cotes of automotive filler primer, each coat wet sanded, first coat with 400p, second w/ 800. then i will put 2 coates of the aluminum (only 1 coat now) then i will wetsand as well with 800p b4 putting on the yellow to give it a nice surface so dont have that "rough" grainy surface.. like i said its not much yet, but i wanted to give ppl my progress, lmk what u think! I still have to do all the trimming on the collar/bells/knees/back/ and kidney armor:facepalm And thanks to all TDH'rs for making this happen! Hopefully i will do FP's work some justice!! (y) I will of course update this once i get closer to the dull coat. :cheers







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a good base is critical to nice armor, so don't feel bad about the slow going.

i made the mistake of not prepping well on one thing i did, and when i pulled my tape off, i pulled the silver right up with it!


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right on! if u dont do the base and prep solid, it affects the whole project.
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