My aluminum armor and other great stuff


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I just wanted to show some of my stuff (chest armor, vest fabric and ROTJ belt) now that I am finally back home. :) Thanks to Ego, SC, RS and BF for making this available for me. It will be a while before I update my progress since I have many things to do but here is a start.

P.S. MLC, cant wait to get a hold of the new collar, back and shoulders to go with my chest armor. ;)



wow those looks sweet. It would be awesome to do a paint job where u tape off the aluminum and paint over it, very realistic looking.

U gonna weather that belt?


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Your alu armour looks good, ive also got a set and spent hours last nite bending my back plate to fit just right

The good thing about alu armour you can reshape by hand realy easy.

I love your belt it looks sooooooo good, can you PM me any details as i need one.




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Defiler, Nice collection you got there, buddy!

Neil, I think that's a Sith Camaro Belt. (Mods/everyone, I did think about the names abbreviated to protect the innocent issue, but given the public way in which these were developed, I figured he wouldn't mind the advertising. Please edit if I'm out of order)