My 97 DP


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Ive had this for awhile and thought I'd practice. Its in great shape and not warped at all. Painting (attempting) the ROTJ theme. I have the t visor, just havent heated it to fit it yet



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Good work, FSC. So you want to do a ROTJ Fett? I know you're "local" to me (WIzard World baby). I have a few things you might be interested in, if you need costume pieces.
Even I have to admit, as a self proclaimed DP 97 hater, that is the BEST dp97 I have ever seen. You should be proud. You may want to consider the half circle hoop on the inside, but other than that, you have done amazingly well.
Finished the back and added the visor. I used velco on the visor but Im not happy with it. Probably try the epoxy next. Still need to do the rangefinder and weather it.

I know there are alot of 97 haters, but I needed practice. These are the final stages with weathering. I was worried about going on to dark (thanks Got Maul for the weathering tips). The kill stripes look bright yellow due to the flash but are darkened down orange in natural light.


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