My 1st Helm Progress/give me tips/recommendations

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OK, I have been working on my helm for 3days. Just a little each day after work(ya I am taking my time). I thought I would post some pic's of my progress and ask the Pros to post comments or suggestion as I work thru this. Also, newbies can use this as a kind of what to do/not do walk thru. So here is what my helm looked like in it's raw form.


Now this is after 3 days. I primed with white and used some jewler files to try and bring a little sharper details on some parts. Then primed in grey and started to dremel the visor and vents in back then had to stop until I get a smaller bit to grind with. Let the comments rip boys!


I'm a newbie to . What do I know ? Looks good so far . I have a MSH helm now that I may repaint in ROTJ colors . Or I may get a new bucket and start from scratch . Keep up the good work

I have no idea what you would call this cast. I got it off ebay and It had pretty good details. The inside needs alot of work. I had to cut down quite a bit of fiberglass batting and I'm going to smooth it down with some fiberglass gel as soon as the weather is nice enough for me to open the windows for ventalation.
I would suggest priming it in black so that it creates a mirror effect with the metalic paint you use. That is of course if you are doing the layering technique and have the metal on the bottom. If not and you decide to go topical with the scratches and such on top of the colors, the grey will work fine.
The black just brings the metalic color out a little better.
The progress looks like it is coming along well though.
Eddie, Thanks that's a good tip! As a matter of fact I am going to to chrome base before doing colors for more realistic damage effects so I will use your black pre-base idea! Thanks!
I would suggest AGAINST using a 'chrome' paint for the metal undercoat. Alot of paints have a hard time adhering properly to the chrome and it causes a wrinkling and cracking effect. I would just use regular silver spraypaint if you are going to go the layered route. Plus, Boba's chips and scrapes arent shiney. They are a dull weathered metal. Just my two cents.

Oh, yeah...It looks good so far. Take it slow and don't rush it and you will have a fine helmet.
What ever AFettFullofDollars says I would do he knows what hes talking about. Here try this, I used it for my armor.

rust-oleum metallic finish, Aluminum #7715
Thanks Shortimer62. I'll be posting some more pic's on tuesday I think. I am getting a pretty good effect by doing the layering, then I put a nylon buffing brush on my dremel and buff thru the layers, this has a dulling effect to it on the chrome(already done with that part). A couple spots have a little more shine than I want, but, I am gonna do the whole helm in dull top coat when done with the details. That should help to even out the shine(I hope).
Stormtrooper, that looks ALOT like the helmet I got, minus the damage, of course! hahah
Looks like you got the lucky unbroken one! I can't wait till I get my replacement. I think I'll do the layered chipped approach too. I've read alot of posts here about using mustard, so I think I'll give that a go.
Excellent work on your bucket so far! Keep showing those progress pics!!
Good progress, I've never had a fiberglass bucket (got 2 custom Rubies Jango, with many many more to come!) but having done several sets of armour (and painted 1000's of models) I agree with E2K13, black primer is the way to go. It gives you a good strong base upon which to add your colours.
My 1st Helm Progress/give me tips/recommendations Updated photos

Ok, here are some newer photo's. I have just begun chipping away the paint with my dremel. I am already seeing that I need to get a couple shades of grey, bluegrey to help with the damage effects. You may notice that I am not trying to make an exact screen copy of damage-I started having to much fun just playing & experimenting. Since this is my 1st bucket I am gonna make it unique and to my own playful taste. I am seriously thinking about getting a M_S helm to do a Screen accurate model with this summer. But for now here are my progress pictures-




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