My 1st Fett helmet is done.


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Hey gang,

I just painted this up for a friend, using the Polyscale paints suggested on this forum. My lighting may make the colors a little wonky (Ask Art, lol).



I'd like some constructive criticism - please tell me how I can make the next one better!

Thanks, Jason

Here's the rest:
Welcome aboard

moffeaton wrote:

I'd like some constructive criticism - please tell me how I can make the next one better!
are you kidding right
thats look awesome
very nice paint job :eek:

and if you insist
check the Reference pics ;)
check my signature :)
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Hey Moffeaton
the helmet looks sweet but the only thing I can see to improve is the rangefinder. The top is black then the next section down is clear, finally the little box on the bottom is black bordered with a clear center. Also the rangefinder ear is supposed to have a couple bars across the upper silver section.
Here are some pics:
This shows the coloring of the rf I was talkin about.

This shows the bars on the ear that I was talkin about
Welcome to the TDH and Great work on that helmet:cheers.

Another thing you will see in the reference photos are the # of kill marks on the side of the helmet. ESB has 14 yellowish kill markings and ROTJ has 18 reddish orange kill markings.

Keep up the awesome work.

All I can say is: HOLY CRIPES!
That is awesome. It even has "carbon" marks on the scuffs and dent where it would seem logical he took some sort of hit to tear the paint off.

Damn. I am SO thinking when I get some skills at this I need to do a Boba.
WOW moffeaton,

That looks like a studio promo ad.

Nice work.

Welcome to the board.
It is my new favorite pass time. ;)

See you out there.


That is a wonderfull looking bucket there!!!(y) I don't know how crazy you want to get about accuracy, but the little triangles in the front of the dome would be a grayish color for ESB. ROTJ has the one orange triangle. Well done.
Your painting skills surely surpass mine. That is one awesome paint job. If this is your first helmet, I can't wait to see what you do next. Awesome job!!
Thanks guys! Yeah - Mystery Helmet. Resin - funky to use that for a helmet but easy to work with. The person I painted it for wanted "close but not perfect" so I took a few liberties... I like the red triangle, but yeah "technically" not ESB :)

I just eyeballed the kill marks... cool that there is a template! D'oh!

Thanks again, Jason
That's my baby!

I just received the helmet over the weekend and it's fantastic.

While some of the details are not %100 screen accurate, the quality of the paint job more than makes up for it. It looks much better in person. I discussed the accuracy before commissioning the paint job and agreed that %100 was not important to me. I am not a "Fett Fanatic" but love the design of the helmet.

Jason is a true artist and I knew that any personal touches or variations would make the helmet that much more unique. He was able to accomplish this while still painting an instantly recognizable version of the helmet.

I wouldn't change a single stroke of the brush on this helmet. I am quite sure that he could paint a %100 accurate helmet, and it would probably be the best one seen, but I love mine.

Thanks again Jason, beautiful work.

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