Multi Color Wookie Braid - found part


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Maybe someone has suggested it before, but I think I have identified the source of the multi color wookie braid. It is called a stampede string, the rawhide Turk’s head knots were the clue. After studying it a while I knew that I had seen something like it before. Check out this site:

Trying to find the right color combo would probably drive one crazy though. In the long run it would be easier just to make it from scratch.

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Looks good, maybe it'll be possible to dye them the right shades.

I thought of using weaving hair from a beauty supply store since it comes in hundreds of shades, and is pretty inexpensive. It's made from plastic strands, so it looks kinky or bristly.

Now you've got me thinking. :)
It looks like a match , I always thought that it was a bungee cord thing that use to attach luggage to roof racks but this looks much more like it :)
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