MSH-1, MSH-2 and MS1 comparison pics


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I just got my MSH1 bucket painted by AFFO$'s today thanks to Cerillo and I thought I would post some comparison pics of this bucket next to my MS helmet painted by MS and a MSH-2 painted by SPIDEYFETT.

All 3 buckets are amazing and all have great qualities to them....

From Left to right: MSH-2, MSH-1 and MS

2nd pic...MSH-2 left, MSH-1 right




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Where from if you dont mind my asking? :eek:

Goodness knows I keep my eyes peed for those suckers when ever they become available.


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Just imagine the amount of man hours in bringing those 3 helmets to life, from sculpt, mod, casting, paint... that will keep you up at night.

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hey bud this thread is 3 years old...bringing back dead threads is frowned upon just thought you might wanna know before the crowd gets to you