Mrgr8ness bucket complete-with comparisons!


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Well I finally put the finishing touches on last night. Still need to add the blue marker:p I tried my best to duplicate the AOSW exhibit. Its a little off in some areas, but not too shabby for mostly doing freehand besides the base colors. It came out far better than I was hoping for. Hopefully this will motivate someone else to get their AOSW done:lol:

I know some of the angles are a little off, but it was late-






Gr888te bucket there brotha. To my understanding you painted the my gauntlets when they were owned by another member here, have always liked your paint jobs! Keep up the good work.
:eek: :eek: :eek: ....
DUDE, that is .........PERFECT!!!:eek:

Wanna paint mine???:p

Seriously Nic...that is one of the best I've EVER seen...WOW.(y) (y)
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You nailed every detail! It looks absolutely incredible. The bar keeps getting raised higher and higher.(y)
You hope this motivates? More like intimidates...
Looks absolutely incredible :eek: Awesome job on it.. (y) (y)
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