MR Jango Westars


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So before I pull the trigger, I have the opportunity to buy a mint pair of MR Westars. Is $1,100 a good price? I see on Ebay they are selling for $1300-$1500. Just wanted to check with you guys before I buy them.


Yup its about what you are willing to pay. I saw a pair last week go for $560, another pair a few weeks before that go for $750 and a third pair go for $1500 that was signed by Tem. All the ones on ebay now have been in the $1100-$1500 range.


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Well I'm not in a rush. I'm hoping to have my Jango finished by October. I'm more comfortable in the $600-$750 range. Especially since I'm looking to use them for trooping & display.


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I'm sure you guys have finished your purchases by now, but I came across this set for around $220 per Westar. I think you can just click on the link here: AOTC-JF Blaster Kit it says that there are six left.