most screen-accurate cardboard/papermache jet pack ever! (pic-heavy!)


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Sadly the DVD event was very shortnoticed canceled, so I couldn't wear my Jango today.
However therefor I hadn't to finish the JP temporarely.

As promised I got a lots of new pics for you from the progress I made, which took much much more time that I have anticipated (well, you know the price for accuracy surely yourselves. ;) ).
So I concentrated on the jp mainbody first, which is now finished except some details which will be added later (like the "plate stripe" etc.).

To the pics:
1 Before I sealed the mainbody I glued and taped the exhaust vent to it. I added two screws from the maintube through the backplate to secure it and give the whole construction more stability.

2+3 I refined the shape of the backplate by cutting the sides to get the same angle as the sideparts above and sealed them after adding some further restrengthing between the backplate and the outer backplate curved hull.

4+5 As I never would have finished before the DVD event, I fastly constructed a TEMPORARY rocketsection with two bottlenecks, the tubecap and some constructionpaper and cardboard. Which I testfitted on the now sealed body.

6-8 With the measures from the blueprints I built up the side steps and the upper spine. The sidesteps were a little tricky to bend because their curved parts but with a little smart cutting and taping that can be solved easily. Also added the spine which shows the only obvious flaw from screenaccuracy I deliberatly made, as the tube part coming out of the mainbody is NOT smaller in diameter than within the mainbody, which led to a slight modification of the frontpart of the spine. However I included details such as the small sideplates into where the frontplate disappears into the spine piece (wooh, difficult description, hope you all are able to sort out my cryptic texts :rolleyes ).

9-11 With all the pieces in place I added my favorite part, the curve from the mainplate into the frontplate, "embracing" (or integrating) the main- and sidetube, which adds that certain "that's it" feeling to it, making it the real deal and what is missing on most scratchbuild jp I saw.
Although it's simply a piece of construction paper, it turned out great. I just love it! :love

12-14 With the mainbody finished (and originaly the event ahead) I started to cover the mainbody with papermache, which should cover all the gaps and holes and smoothen the whole piece. Before starting I just added elastic straps covered with vaseline around the side tubes (upper and lower end) which I hope to be able to remove clearly after finishing the papermache work, so they will leave those borderlines, which are supposed to be there.

Although due to all the printing on the newspaper the shape isn't optically defined very good, I think it turned out not bad.
I will add a coat of silver paint tomorrow, just to test how it really looks like. :confused

...more to come... ;)

JP bolt and exhaust.JPG

backplate refining 1.JPG

backplate refining 2.JPG

temporary rocket section.JPG

JP body sealed and cone.JPG

lower side step.JPG

sidesteps front integration.JPG

lower steps and spin 2.JPG

front curve 1.JPG

front curve 2.JPG

mostly finished body.JPG


jp body papermache 2.jpg

jp body papermache 1.JPG
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:D this will be great when painted up!!!

keep going dude!!:cheers
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yeah man lookin great. i like how u did the main backing and the rocket fuel holders into one piece.

I am currently making my Srcratchbuilt and it is good to see ppls ideas, and the many different ways they are going about doing the same project. :jet pack

Keep up the good work. and how many coats of newpaper did u paste onto ur jp?

I love the pringles idea for the fuel tanks. i was originally gona do PVC pipe for em, but seeing all these great scratch built ones with Pringles have convinced me to use those tennisball/chip containers.

Keep it up and keep us posted. (y)

pwahahahahahaha :lol:

"I am not the naked guy" Wasp
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So I finally got to make some pics of the painted jp.
Please remember that the rocketsection and the paintjob is only temporary!

Took pics from all around the jp. On the last you can see there my beloved two curves. ;)
If you're wondering why I've painted the top black, that's simply because silver was empty before I was finished... :lol:

This test papermacheing and painting was very useful to me as it showed me clearly that it needs more coats of newspaper to smoothen the surface (especially on the back and behind). I also think that I'll use some filling primer before the real paintjob, to cover the faint lines of the ripped newspaper (which would have eventually disappeared anyway with three or more coats of paint, but just to play save).

However I'm not overwhelmed but still quiet satisfied with the result so far as I was afraid that I might produce an unreckognizable cardboard something on my first try. :wacko

@bigsexy: I pasted about 1-2 coats of newspaper onto it so far, but think I will do about 4-5 in the end.

jp fresh painted.JPG

jp test 1.JPG

jp test back.JPG

jp test side.JPG

jp test behind.JPG

jp test front.JPG

jp test curves.JPG
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Gonzo Fett

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:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I have been watching your progess..I honestly didn't think it would turn out this great!!! Amazing!!! Simply amazing. I mean it looks better than most!
I would just make sure to stay away from anything hot or anyone with a that JP will burn up like a xmas

I love the updates keep 'em comming!!! i'm a UPDATE WHORE!!!! :lol:
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Sean Solo

Do you guys have patterns or blueprints for this? I am helping a friend of mine put together a Jango costume on a budget. Thanks in advance.
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Thanx guys! It's really heartwarming to get such positiv reactions after putting so much work into the project so far (the bigest compliment may be Gonzos, as it's always a great feeling to exceed someones expectations ;)).

As for your questions:

@ Jango Uri:
Yes, I sprayed the paint directly onto the newspaper without any pre-preparation.

@ Gonzo Fett:
Probably it would.
But then on the other hand, isn't PVC or fibre glass also quiet usable for "fireworks"? ;)
But honestly, I have more concerns about something like rain. But I hope with multiple covers of primer and paint, it will sustain at least a lil spray water.

@ Sean Solo:
I didn't made specific patterns except for the big mainbodypiece which I copied to two other plates, but is due to the size, not possible to scan.
As for the Blueprints, I used the ones I found here in the TDH forum (mainly those from Alain Sinclair, who did a absolutly terrific job on them). I don't remember the exact thread, but you should be able to find it via the search function as they were mentioned in several threads.

@ AdmFrancis:
Haha! Now that's the right question! :lol:
Also the measuring wasn't too accurat, it's about 1,5 Kilos.
I guess that it will later, with the right rocketsection, the thrusters and several coats of papermache and paint in place, weight about max. 2 Kilos (I don't have any idea how much that's in lbs :)).
So it might be one of the lightest jp around and I really have to care baout not leaving it somewhere outside, while the wind's blowing, so the pack would fly by itself... :lol:

The next step will be further papermache coating and then I will start with the thrusters before I turn to the most difficult part, the rocketsection.
But please don't be disappointed if progress is coming around really slow, as I have plenty to do besides at the University right now.

Thanx again for your interest and compliments. It's appreciated a lot.
And if you have further questions, just ask them straight away..
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Dude! HOLY CRAP!!! That's amazing! It's like- It's just- dude thats- !!! AAH! That's just fantastic! You have done a great job. Did you prime it before you painted it silver? If you want it to take some water, I would advise you to clear-coat it.
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@ askywalker98:
No, used no primer, as it's only a test painting which will be covered by further coats of papermache. But I will definitly use a filling primer before applying the final paintjob and yes, I think I will finish with a clear-coat.
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Mike M.

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this thread is six years old. i'm not sure how relevant this information is any more.


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this thread is six years old. i'm not sure how relevant this information is any more.

I'm out of the loop for quite a while and didn't follow the developments in DIY jetpacks since, but maybe there are still guys out there, finding some of this useful?

Or maybe I simply will return this year and go on finishing this project... :$
(warning! this is not meant as an empty thread! :devil )


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i've been considering posting the exact same thing. @Wasp if you come back to this project, please start a new thread for it.

Sure, I can, though I don't really see the point of having to post everything again.
Any specific reason why not to continue this one (as it is the continuation of this project, from the same point where it was left in this thread)? :confused
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