Most Accurate Jango Helmet


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hey guys...i'm back...not that any of you guys have noticed i've been gone...:lol: :lol: :lol: anyway, i'm thinking about starting a Jango costume, and needed to know where i can get a very close Jango fiberglass helmet. i'd like to have the dent in his helmet...its talked about in this thread.
anyway, i'd like to have a helmet that is almost 100% accurate. any info will be very helpfull. thanks again guys.


Rumor has it the BKBT is making a dented one after the new year.

BTW Thanks on the Jango footware. They rock and work well in the snow. ;)


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:) Ther ya go! Can't wait to get my BKBT! His is the best! I've seen Art's(Seeker's) at Megacon and C3 earlier this year and it rocked!