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I was checking out the Dan Perez site. I can't seem to figure out what you make actual sculpture out of. It seems you use clay against the sculpt to form one half of the mold (temporarily), but what if the sculpt is made of clay itself? What do you use then?


You sculpt your piece in clay and then you build up your mold wall also in clay. It is a bit tedious and time comsuming cause you have to make that airtight seal but you just persevere and carefully remove the clay wall before casting the other side of your piece.

If you scroll down through the page you will see a few photos where he uses a metal tool to push the clay around Slimer in order to make a seal. My question was if Slimer is clay also how do you get the two pieces apart when you do the other half of the mold without tearing into your original sculpt.


LOL, did you answer this before or after we chatted last night? Either way -- sorry you answered my question twice :eek:
No problem man. I answered here after we talked in the chat because there are others that may have had the same questions.
The whole process is mainly being very careful..
Well, you could always use sculpey. It's like clay, but when ya bake it, it becomes hard, and the clean clay will come off very easy unlike regular clay processes. When using clay you have to be so careful and hydrate the piece or else loose water and some details. Sculpey will never dry out like clay does.
Good point Zam but if you use a petroleum based clay like Roma Plastellina or Chavant NSP they will stay hydrated for a long time and not dry out. You can work for extended periods on a piece and it casts great.
I do my sculpting with Artone Venus modeling clay and it claims to stay soft "forever". I then used the clean clay to build my dam for the half-molding process as mentioned on that site. The clay comes right off the main sculpt. I didn't have a problem. If it does, it's an easy fix.

Here's one I did a while back:




Nice! I've got a question is that some part of armor. Well anyway looks great and the mold came out nicely.
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