Modified StarFortress Boots...THANKS DonnieDarko688


I posted a follow up in the Cargo Hold, but it vansihed.

I just wanted to post my resluts repainting Starfortress Boots. I havent done the toe spikes yet...

I think the pics are out of order, but one is before, one is after the green is covered with black and the soles are painted over.

I did weather them so they arent shiny, have skuffs, wear lines on the soles, etc.



Honestly, I would not have recognized those as Boba boots in the before pic. Great job with redoing them.

And you're rifle is a little inaccurate for ESB ;)
You will have to post some pics of the shoes when you get them done hankey. So did they come with the smell that I promised you? lol.
Just out of curiosity, is C-3PO intended to be dismantled? Because in the carbon freezing chamber, he is. Just wondering if this is intentional or just a coincidence.
Hahaha...damn I love ppl with an eye for things! He's just sitting there waiting for me to have time to finish him..but I should paint his disassembled parts gold to make it ESB accurate. ;)

Yes the Blaster is a little innacure. LOL! That $3 gun is just a placeholder until I get a better one. I do have a ROTJ one in the it will still be a little innacurate...but who's to say he didnt have both blasters and his ROTJ one was just waiting in the Slave I?
You need some gauntlets for your manniquen? I got some up in the Cargo Hold as we speak, just so ya know. Go ahead and take them off my hands. ;)
Thanks guys! The starfortress boots were exactly what I was looking for. The toe spikes are wood dowels sharpened and painted..but the base is aluminum.
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