MLC2 Armor pictures

All my armour in this pic is MLC; knees, cod, chest(MLC2), collar, and back. Its really fantastic stuff, and great quality:)

Wow that does look great ! I think you stole that from skywalker ranch, haha

How tall are you Jango's kid ?

I could only dream my armor turns out that good.
Great JOB !!!!!

Mikey Fett
Thanx for the comments guys. Mikey, I'm 6' and 165lbs, (pretty close to bobas size) so that should help you kinda visualize the armour proportions. I've said it many times; MLC is a dang good set of armour.;)
Here's a closeup of my MLC2 armor - the current version he produces. The camera colors are a little off, but at least you can get an idea of the construction and shape. The chest, collar, back, codpiece, knees and shoulders are all MLC. I recommend it.



Wow great new pictures Chris.

Thank you for showing more MLC picutres.
Saw you at dragoncon from a distance than lost you. :)

BTW : Keep the website going I visit it every week.
It's like I'm on crack researching Boba armor.

pant pant pant !

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