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As most of you know, the MLC Jet Pack is the nicest and lightest jet pack available at this time. It is well made, sturdy, very light and ready for paint right out of the box. However, the rocket and thrusters, are not as accurate nor as detailed as the rest of the pack.

Like few others on the board, I wanted to upgrade these parts to be more accurate. I made several attempts to contacting one maker, but I got no response. At just about the time I received my JP, Bobamaker started working on his scratchbuilt JP. And the progress pics on his site, looked great. Long story short ... I was able to pick up a rocket and a set of thrusters from BM to use with my MLC :jet pack .

Here are two comparison pics. MLC first and BM second.

Note: I thought I had a pic of the BM parts right out of the box, but I could not find it. The pic below is of the pieces after I modified them to fit the MLC pack.

I will update the thread with some other progress pics, as I get a chance.


That's exactly what I want to do to my scratch-built. BM's rocket and thrusters are the shizznizzle. Keep us posted on your progress.
I started the mods with the thrusters. In order to fit the piping for my functional thrusters and connect the thrusters to the JP body, I needed to cut off the BM thruster "post" and hollow out the solid thruster ball.

I drilled up through the cone to the center of the ball. I then squared of the sides so that the pipe elbow would fit. I then cut down the post and drilled through the center of the post to the hole made in the bottom.

I then installed the piping, and added a mounting/cover plate on the bottom of the pipe nozzle. On the thruster "post" I added a piece of 1/2" PVC conduit over the brass pipe and sanded the outside of the conduit down to fit the hole in the JP body. Once I fit everything up, I epoxied all the pieces together. (The final thruster set up is in the 2nd picture of my first post.)






Thanks Spidey.

For the rocket, I decided to take the opposite approach. I cut the JP body to make the hole large enought to accept the BM rocket post. The first pic shows how much larger I had to make the hole. I then squared off the rocket post drilled a pilot hole and epoxied in a bolt stud. I install the rocket by sliding the post through the JP body, sliding on a 1-1/4" PVC pipe cap with a bolt hole, then tightening down a wing nut. The JP body is thus sadwiched between the rocket and the PVC cap. Its very sturdy.


Double update today. ;)

One other detail missing from the MLC pack, is an additional cup (I guess thats what I will call it) on the bottom of each of the JP tanks. I picked up some Magic Sliders, painted them white and epoxied them to the bottom of each of the tanks. They fit on there great.

Lastly, a pic of the pre-weathered pack.




Awesome!!!! I kinda had the same idea, I wanted to upgrade to an MB rocket. However, those are hard to come by, and no word from MB. I think I'm gonna go with a bobamaker rocket aswell. Great looking pack there bro;)
Gonzo Fett said:
isn't 'magic sliders' those things you put heavy furniture legs on so they won't reck your floors?.
Bingo. (y) They usually come in packs of 2 or 4, and are grey in color. You can put them on the bottom of furniture legs to protect wood / tile floors, or to make the furniture easier to move on carpeted floors.

I got mine form Home Depot, but you can get them at WalMart, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, etc. At Home Depot they are in the hardware section, near the felt pads and other furniture accessories.
This is my finished :jet pack . All of the silver damage was applied topically with various sized brushes. I air brushed on some of the black weathering and gave the pack several black, brown and rust washes, to add more weathering. Not quite as tough as the helmet, but a real pain in the :moon .




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