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I think you're off to a great start here Mardon ...


Don't be shy, give up your suggestions (if any) on how to further improve upon this most impressive piece if needed. This is an integral part of the suit that most people are too intimidated to approach (myself included). It's also a piece the Fett community has been in desperate need of .. combining accuracy with durability and ease of assembly. With all of our suggestions as a unit, we can all help this project along .. for the good of the many (I know, that sounded like Star Trek, so shoot me :lol: )

I'll be the first to step up to the plate here, with a couple if suggestions .. one artisan to another, and reserve my place in line for one of these when completed.

In final production, it might be best for weight concerns as well as durability .. to cast the rocket assembly in fiberglass. If it's hollow, it's lightweight, but stronger than a solid resin piece that can simply break in two if dropped or hit on a doorway.

The only other thing that sticks out to me, is that the main tank may be too large in diameter. But it could be distortion in tthe perspective of the pics.

With this pack cast in fiberglass, there is a possibility that it could be one of the most durable packs, as well as one of the lightest packs .. as light as a styrene pack in fact .. ;)










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:cheers Awesome job again Mardon!

The first thing I can see is the side pieces on either side of your main tank look too short, and too rounded on the end. Definitely on the right track!!

Here's what I'm talking about on my pack. It's not perfect by any means, but maybe you can see what I'm talking about.

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VERY nice :)

How sturdy is it overall? Will they all be made the same way or is this a mockup to be used for some other kind of reproduction (casting, etc)?

If these become available in the future, I may have an interest as well :)

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That's agreat looking jet pack, LMK of future availability too. The more light weight the better. :)
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Hi guys!

There seems to be 2 threads on my jet pack right now and honestly, i dont know where to reply first :-)

First, I would like to thank Chris for graciously helping us to load these construction pics. Thanks man! :-)
I would also like to thank you guys for sharing your input and comments/suggestions.

Just like our MLC helmet, the above mock-up pics of the jet pack is constructed out of cardboard (illustration board) that acts as a basis for casting/molding in Fiberglass. The actual product would definitely be in FG.

Currently, this mock-up is being bondoed by my FG workers to smoothen out gaps & creases of the card before molding it. Its appearance now has greatly improved from what you see above.

Yes, the jet pack would be 100% FG - very light & very strong. Just like our 1/6 scale vehicles. It'll be hollow inside whereby I elected to have an opening panel at the rear for anyone wanting to modify the inside....or make use of it like a locker for food & water :-)
Since different folks would be having their own preffered harness, this opening panel would help them modify it greatly.
Naturally, if after modifying you feel not having the option of the rear panel opening up - then just cover the edges with bondo before painting.

We plan to make the jet pack into 4 components - the body, the missile & the 2 ball thrusters. You could either glue this in position or make it dettachable for storage options.
I would preffer a plug-n-play option on my jet pack ;-)

Ofcourse, this would be part of our "budget Boba" series :-)

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BTW- like the MLC Helmet - I will be passing this project to Rex Adams to market.
You all know our buddy Rex, right? :-)

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nice work man!

just to stress again, the weight of the pack is extremely important. the lighter the better.

i cant wait to see completed pics!
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Fantastic work there Mardon. I am definately looking forward to seeing this more as it nears completion. I really love the idea of the opening to use for storage. No more worring about where you put the stuff you buy at a con!

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Thats looking absolutely fantastic Mardon! Just curious, how long did it take you to do the cardboard mock-up? Awesome work!
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Another helpful suggestion for accuracy, perhaps it's not too late to fix.

The image below illustrates that the "Piano Keys" are off just a bit. As you can see, it appears the only problem is that the plateau where the double arrow "<-->" is, needs to be raised and widened just a bit to reposition the piano keys for a 4x4 appearance, instead of 3x5 in relation to the angle of the two plateaus.

This would greatly improve the appearance and bring it one step closer to perfect ;)

<img src=>
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More cool stuff. Ok, finish all this Fett stuff, then get busy on my 4 man canoe :D . Kidding, man, looks great. Ever wonder if your workers think the boss has flipped? :)
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Yeah baby!!! Mardon, this is looking awesome (as you know from my emails!!) :D

Chris, many thanks man for hosting pics! :)

I know I can't wait to hoist one of these on!!! :D :D

We'll be coming up pricing for these bad boys as soon as Mardon's got one done in FG and it's shipped- then we'll know total weight for the shipping costs.

Mods, can we merge the two threads? :)

Then we can start a list, Mardon's got #1, yours truly has #2,
:D, Chris is a lock for #3, :D and the list will go from there!

Man, this is just great stuff, finally get a job, and Mardon comes up with the jet pack I've been begging him for!!!

:lol: :lol:
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Hey thanks guys! We really appreciate all your comments & suggestions. Just wanna let you know that this project is a go (naturally because of all of you!) and molding will be done by next week.

And just to show you our appreciation - I'm giving off FREE chest armors to the first 5 guys who will sign up a strong interest thru's that?!
Is this ok, Rex?
You can see the prototype of my chest armors over at the Armor section under the thread "Rex Armor".
I'll finalize pricing with Rex by next week & Rex will finalize total price once we get to figure out international shipping cost on this. Heck, I have to send one stateside, right? :-)

To answer some of your questions:

FP - muchas gracias sir for all the input - we'll try to incorporate those in the production run.

JK - it took me about 4 days building the jet pack in card. Armor took a couple of hours

MMM - give me a schematic of your 4 man canoe :-) However, dont be shock hearing how much this will cost you to ship internationally...LOL!

Guys, since i dont have an actual FG product yet, cant estimate the total weight. It would definitely be lite weight & I'm hoping somewhere between 3-4lbs. - hopefully :-)

Measurements - this is rough:
Height - 29" -31"
wide - 16" (no ball thrusters yet)

Hope this helps!

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Well I hope this is #4 responding here. Man mardon the things you can do with paper, truly amazing. All I can make is a really crappy airplane or a super aerodynamic paperwad. Keep me and everyone else updated on these.
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Free Armor! Free Armor! Free Armor! :-)

Okay guys, in order to be eligible for the FREE armor promo, you have to send your interest to Rex - e-mail or PM to him will do.

I am not counted as #1 on the list.....infact, neither should Rex be counted as #2 (quickly ducks under the table! :-)) - so if FP is interested then he is #1 & TK-Fett should be #2.
If all falls into place, then we still have 3 slots open.

Guys, I know you're a bit weary on pricing, but I promise ya its the lowest priced JP that we could provide with your preffered material of choice - FG.

Rex & i stand by our slogan......"Budget Boba"! :-)

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