MLC Armor


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Hey I was wondering if someone could PM me with how I can get a hold of MLC to get some armor. Any reviews on this stuff? Please hook me up with reviews and some pics if you guys don't mind.


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ditto....I would LOVE to put together my own costume but am a complete nOOb and dont know where to start......any help would be appreciated

Boba Fett

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the armor goes on the flak jacket, which is separate from the flightsuit. You can attach it with velcro, or you can get snaps for it. I am using velcro at the moment but I am going to switch to snaps.

Jimmy BufFETT

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what DD said, but you can find alot of stuff by using the "El Searcho Buttono". That's spanish for the seach button, if nyou didnt know.

Reminds of Bob Barker during the Money Game when the last 2 digits of the price of the car are something like "02" or "07." It's what he calls "El Cheapo."

Furthermore, Larry the Cable Guy in "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" is like "this song is called 'I Believe' ... out of everything, this is what we believe ... for the Spanish, it's 'Yo Believo.' "