Mixing gautlets?


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I'll start buy saying this, I know ppl may freak at the idea, but

Has anyone thought about using a Jango Right gauntlet and Boba ESB gauntlet together on a costume? Just entertaining the thought of having symmetrical "looks" to both forearms (clean, crisp)
Idealized armor...I guess ;) just like symmetrical TK's out there or the "new"Symmetrical ROTS Vader mask.

chime in plz...cause I know once i get my ESB done and if i ever meet any of you at some con i know Boba nerds :) may say :angry "that’s so wrong" lol




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Thats 1, not a good start..:lol:

Forgot to mention that it's just a thought...i may not go for it but, meh:facepalm who knows, gauntlet makers may boycot sales to me ..:lol:


Jangos kid

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'Smack' :lol: Prolly not a good idea, but hey, I guess its your suit. If your aim is to eventually join the 501st, then definately no.


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I'm a member of the 501st..already. TK921.

but this is just to see what ppl thought about thinking outside the box.

custom fett...no For my ESB!

again i could argue "its my costume" and nuff said, but i just wanted to see if anyone else has thought about it..

cause i know some ppl had to have been asked the question "why is that one different"...causes the original is like that. seem like a cop out.. i figure if Jango is the base for the gauntlets, why not have them match..in sharpness?

again just throwing out and idea.:) for poops and giggles.

and i'll most likely keep both sets if i do go that way...sorry skirata


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Hmmm, i figure i won't do it on my first suit.. maybe once i get it all done, i'll find time to try it out.

thx (y) for all the input!

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Sounds cool to me. My suggestion would be to have the same person make both. For example MOW.

daemon fett

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I always thought the ESB version costume for fett is better then most other versions but I do have to say the flame thrower assembly does get annoying at times and I do honestly perve on the very attractive neatness of the rotj left gauntlet.

ahem what did I just admit??

I deny everything!!

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Mixing components for a custom Mando is like mixing salt and water: no problem.

Mixing components for a Fett costume is like mixing sodium and water: that is a definite "no-no." (Sodium will violently expolde upon contacting water.)