Mixing Enamel and Acrylic paints


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Got a quick question about using different types of paint on 1 part. I layed down my humbrol no.11 silver on my gauntlets. I got a red acrylic from DVH and applied that next. I was told if I decide to do some weathering by misting, to use acrylic and not enamel because this will make the enamel tacky if applied on top of acrylic. Which is fine, no big deal...

My question is, I want to seal this off using the same Testors dull coat paint can I used for the rest of my armor. Will this do the same thing or will it be ok to use?
I have personally used and experienced, as well as read from several sources that the Testors Dullcote doesn't seem to ever have bad reactions. I have sealed acrylic and enamel with it with no issues. Should be good to go.
I used everything to behonest... and never had a problem with something being tacky after putting one over the other...Ive used Model masters acrylics and put humbrol enamels over it with no issues. And dullcoat over top of that.
Testors dullcoat is a lacquer finish, and like others have said, I've used it over acrylics and enamels with no issues.
Since it is a lacquer, just don't lay it down too heavy or it can "eat" the underlying coat. A couple of light coats are
better than trying to spray one heavier coat.
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