misting can be really fun BUT......

Boba Freekk

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im misting my shoulder bells and i cant make up my mind.too much farm equipment yellow then much pumpkin orange...then too much yellow and so on...AHHHHGGHH :wacko ...:lol:

i finally just settled on a shade and stuck with it.ill be here for weeks if i just dont leave it alone :wacko

Jedi Bob

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Man, the misting is tough. I did the same thing, too much orange, then too much yellow, then too much orange. I found that if I sprayed the 2nd color while the first was still wet, the color looked a little better. maybe I am just losing it? I dunno??? :wacko


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No Jedi-Bob, you're not losing it. I've found that misting the second color over the first while its still wet to be the BEST way to mix the colors. They get a chance to blend in together a bit. Works great.

Incidentally, I can never tell when enoughs enough either.



hansoloway wrote:

I have the tendency to tweak and mess with something until I usually really screw it up.


I gotta redo my backplate, after a PERFECT "Hunter Green" match with my "tk0000" chest armor.......I went and tried to weather it. Too much silver......and the flatcoat I used was more "satin" than flat (DO NOT buy that Lowe's crap- go to WalMart for some REAL flatcoat!).

I accidentally discovered THIS method of misting: First, spray the base coat, in front of a box fan. While the fan is off. THEN.....turn the fan on, and spray the second color just in front of the armor. The fan will blow it over your stuff. I did this with my shoulders for the black weathering:


I loved the "burn" effect I got from it. But I was misting from the leading edge- not evenly on the surface.