Metal earpiece?


New Hunter
Has anyone ever considered this?
Take a look at the 'Action figure archive' pic,
showing the white Fett helmet along side a trooper helmet.
Although it is not, the earpiece looks as though it could be
Because I am going albino, this pic gave me the idea that machined metal earpieces might look pretty good on a white helmet.
There is strong evidence from AOSW photos that suggests that the ESB helmet had both earpieces as machined metal. The MOM photos suggest that the ROTJ helmet might have a machined/milled metal right (rangefinder) earpiece, while the left ear piece is resin. That theory is also supported by the Action Figure Archive photo of the white helmet (basically ROTJ), which the blown up pic on the ref cd shows that the earpiece appears to be decidedly white while the rangefinder earpiece has a metal finish.
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