'member when? 'member?

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With all the scratch built helmets, new prop makers and better information and references we have now, it made me want to start a 'member thread.

- 'member when the DON Post Deluxe was THE helmet to have?

- 'member when sintra Fett armor was selling for $200+ on Ebay?

Keep it going. :cheers
'member when Star Wars came out in theaters? I do.

'member when spraypainting skateboard kneepads yellow was pretty screen-accurate?

-'member when TUBFC mail list was the best source for the fett costume community

-'member when MB was one of the only makers of quality stuff

-'member when Mark Chang still made boots
'member when "Helmschmeid" aka. Durasteel was making aluminum Fett armor?

'member when "Boba Phett" made the first run of gauntlet darts with the correct threads and not grooves?

'member when "Ego" made the first ESB bantha skull decals after the discovery of the difference between ESB/ROTJ?

'member when "The Disturbance" made the first run of Boba Fett boots?

'member when natty was sculpting the first MSH was still in the preliminary stages?


I don't want to take away all the fun....let somebody else chime in or I'll remember it all since it seems like I've been through it all:lol:

'member when everyone had "Team ESB", "Team ROTJ", or "Team Mango Fett" in their signatures?

'member Secol_Fett discovering the Borden connector while sitting in the chair at the dentist office?

'member when I said one of the shoulder studs on the ESB suit was red, and no one believed me! :p
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I 'member when I thought my armor templates were good. (before WoF showed me what good really meant)

WOW! I broke 1500 posts with this bad boy. Wooohooooo!
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-'member when Mark Hamill was young and Star Wars just came out?...I do!

-'member when there was little or NO reference to create your own costumes of your Favorite Characters?

-'member when Empire and Jedi came out in theaters?

-'member when Yoda was a Puppet and not a Computer Character?
'member when TDH was called "As You Wish"

'member when we only had ONE bad picture of Jango?!?

'member when people still argued that the control rods on the shin tools were xacto handles?

'member when 'webchied' was just a brave? ok... no one remembers THAT far back... ;)

'member when Tim Arp's White Armor was the only custom around?

'member when Fett Pride first showed pics of his personal suit?

'memeber when MoM was still touring in the states?

'member when the speakers inside Fett's ab plate were discovered?

'member when the MQ-1 was IDed?
'member when we painted our helmets with cans of rustoleum sage green, spruce green and ruddy brown primer.

'member when many vests were made out of grey turtleneck shirts

'member when Sgt Fang offered up the "Mystery" Helmet for the first time?

'member when MLC introduced us to the 4 pound jet pack?
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