measurements needed urgently


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Hi guys, as the title says i need some measurements urgently. I really need them today before i leave work if possible.

the item i am trying to measure is shown in the pic below. its the small cover plate on the sides of the front spine on the JP (i think the pic is of a Bobamaker JP, hopefully Daz won't mind me using it).

thanks guys



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Zombie - thats the kiddie. I just realised that i have bought all the paints for my scratch built and have missed this one item off the JP :eek:


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For that piece I scaled up the overall jet pack on the grid line from WoF's Templates.

Just scale the pic up to where the squares are 1"x1" and then use the piece as a template.

Hint: I used Paint and the pics as downloaded and used the Page Setup feature under File Menu, then under scaling adjusted to 141% (or 140%can't really remember now), but it was one of the two

Hope this helps.


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thanks for all the advise guys. I now have the pieces sorted. The next time you see this project i hope to have a 'few' layers of paint on it.

Wish me luck, i'm going in.


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Sorry about not sending the drawing to you I got total swamped and lost track of a number of things. Glad you got what you needed.

Can't wait to see what you have.

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