Measurements for Jeremy Bulloch?

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I'm making a Fett Mannequin and wondered if anyone had a rough Idea on what J.B's measurements were at the time? I'm trying to make the vest, jumpsuit, and need shoe size also.

Did some searching and came up empty :(

Any ideas?

A long time ago, but I don't think the thread exists anymore. Jeremy seems to have shrunk an inch over the past 20+ years and added a few pounds, but he's not too far now from where he was back then.
Wondering if anyone out there still may have this information.

But pretty much it is stated during filming he was 6 feet and around 170ish.

Wondering what his waist, and chest size was. I know WHO on earth would have that. but maybe some of you guys out there who has boba fetts build you can tell me what your waist and chest is.
Mr. Bulloch has a pair of my boots. I was contacted by someone a long time ago about getting a costume together for him and if I would donate a pair of boots. Someone contacted me and I gave them a size 10.5US I believe. It was so long ago. He sent me an autograph picture thanking me for the boots. I eventually ran into him at Celebration II at Indianapolis. Ask him about the fan made costume he got. He said at the time that he never got it. Only got my boots and loves them. I recently saw on the RPF that he eventually got an ESB version Fett costume. Anybody remember who ran the original project. I forgot the guy's name.

I ran into Mr. Bulloch again at C4 getting my admission ticket. He didn't remember me at first since he meets a lot of people. All I had to say was that he had a pair of my boots and he remembered who I was. :) Always nice. His wife is cool too.

Thought I'd bump this up. I was watching British TV show on youtube where a guy was trying to reunite the cast of SW. in the interview with JB it was mentioned he wore a size 10 shoe. Hope this helps anyone that might be wondering.
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