Mcquarrie Fett helmet WIP (action figure based)


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Mcquarrie Fett helmet FINISHED PICS 10-9-08

Hey all I know no one probably has one yet but I am sculpting the one of the many versions of the Mcquarrie Fett helmets in 1:1 and was wondering if anyone has better pics of the new 30th anniversary Mcquarrie Fett figure due out at the beginning of this month.
I have the pic floating around the net of the figure but was hoping someone had more.Probably wont be able to get any til the figure is actually released.
I have already started the sculpt but cant go much further till the figure comes out and I can see the back of the helmet.Ill post WIP pics here for anyone interested. Thanks-

Well here is the first pull of the SGB MQ Fett helmet.This one hasnt been weathered yet or had the lense installed but wanted to take some pics of it.I want to weather it slightly to make all the carved in details/lines pop out a little more.Its hard to see the small detail because the whole helmet is white.








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These pics come from "From Star Wars to Indiana Jones."
Dunno if these are the same concept helmet you're looking for.




I don't have a scanner, so I took pics of the page. :facepalm
This is the one Im working on:


I have the face started but will need the figure to further the sculpt.Somewhere i have this pic in one of my many SW books Ill have to dig for it.Thanks for posting that though.One thing about the MCquarrie concept pics is everyone is slightly different to alot different.
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, I've been thinking about doing a "one" of the many concept helmets for a while. Good luck with the project!
BTW, what is that in his belly plate??? Looks like a little vending machine in there. :lol:

I think somebody said before theres a thermal detonator there. Or it's his stash or something...I don't know.

Maybe it's access to his twin internal nuclear power cores so that...waitaminnit...That's T3. Never mind. It's very late and I'm very tired. Good Night!

BTW definitely post prgress pics when you get started. Would be very cool to see!
Oh I def. will post some pics.As most of you know I was down for about a month and a half with some weird flu or something so i am currently playing catch up with other things.
Once I get my Mcquarrie Stormtrooper helmet done this one i will tear into full force.
Cool. Are you doing like the McQuarrie/30th Anniversary doll, or the white Fett as seen in pics with Lucas circa 1979? <edit> Reading good. You are doing the super pre-duper Pre-Pro! Wowwa-Wowwie!

I have tried this...


SGB... I am watching this thread with anticipation.

Later Friends,

Its almost time for the Mcquarrie Fett figure to come out cant wait!
Until then here is a pic of the Mcquarrie stormy Im working on.Remember its a WIP and no where near done.

Whoa! I just stumbled across this thread. Any progress with the bucket? I would really like to see the Mcquarrie helmet as a sculpt. That would be so awesome!
Started one this the other day.I cut out a template from abs for the lense and nose area.
I am using a cast of a DP deluxe as an armature to build this helmet on.Im going to use primarily bondo to sculpt with.
In the next few days Ill post some WIP pics.
Cant wait to get this going.

I want a bunch of metal darts in my backpack to shoot! Also a plug going to the back of my head!

Oh, and the soda can dispensor in my abs!
Yeah Marrow sun did the above version in the painting Im doing the action figure version pictured the helmet that kinda looks like a skull with the 3 aerators at the bottom.
The action figure comes with 2 helmets I think Marrows was the one thats looks more like the traditional fett helmet Im doing the one not on the figure when you buy it.
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