MB pack, work in progress


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I really didn't take progress pics. It's a {jet|rocket}pack, we've all seen those before.

But since there's a thread going about ordering them, I figured I'd post it up so that folks can see what the kit looks like.

I've done the base colors with layered silver weathering. I haven't done any other weathering or any detail painting yet...


and here it is next to my ruffkintoys fiberglass one:


the size difference is quite noticeable. i'm not sure which is considered more accurate, but it is what it is :)

i'm very happy with the MB pack. putting it together was no harder than any other kit you'd get, and it looks great all assembled.

next up: thrusters and weathering!


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yup, speedy is at it. i've been going slow this time... my first one was done all in 1 day ;)

i did a bunch of the weathering tonight, so it's actually starting to look like a finished thing now.

more pics once the airbrushed parts are dry enough to touch.


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the bigger one just never really looked right on me. i always felt like it was sitting too high, but then if i lowered it, it was coming too far down.

the smaller size is how my first one was, and i decided that going back to that would look the best.

i really have no idea which is more movie accurate though.

Mr Fett

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I think the wider style might be more movie accurate. Look at the old promo posters we've seen posted from older magazines which show front and back shots of ESB and ROTJ Boba. The sides of the pack pretty much come out past the shoulder joints of the costume wearer.


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Surprisingly, the Pack on the AOSW C4 Fett was actually much Bigger than what I expected...so I think MB wasn't to far off as far as size...

Great work so far TK7602.(y)


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it looks like the MB is basically the same size as the wizardofflight templates, and the ruffkin one is 3" or so wider than that, and proportionally larger all around (cept for the thrusters and rocket, which are the same size on both)

i think that the ruffkin would look more right on someone taller / broader than me. since i'm a bit shorter than boba should be, the slightly smaller scale pack seems more proportionally right on me.

plus i'm pretty clumsy, and hit the thing on stuff all the time. i nearly took out 1/2 the slave leias at dragoncon with my pack last year. can't be doing that!!!


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hmmm so like a gigantor like myself should ditch my MB and go for a Ruffkin.....maybe it will be time to upgrade soon.........No wait Jagos done Jangos done Jangos done.........


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i finally finished up the pack and put it on last night. whether the 15" or 18" pack is more accurate can aside, the 15" certainly looked better on me!

i discovered what my problem was with the 18" one.

in order for the bottom of the pack to land where i wanted it to, i had to have the pack mounted higher up on my back, which ended up causing it to lean back on me more than i liked.

the new one sits nice and flush against my backplate, and doesn't move around much at all.

for attaching it, i tried a compromise between the rings and hooks approach in the movie, and the quick clips i've used on the last 2.


i used the 2 clips off of an airsoft rifle sling on the pack. the harness has rings on it that these clip on to. closer to the movie look, while still protecting me from a pack that pops off.

and here's the finished pack:


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I think that movie packs were about 16" wide, so they would be in between the MB and Ruffkintoy packs. I was looking at different reference pics and it usually looks like the packs go out as wide as the wearers shoulders (not shoulder armor sticking out, but the actual shoulder joint). I know there's different people wearing them in all the movie and pre-pro pics, but generally that's about how they look from the reference pics.