MB "BYOBF" Armor Questions

Howdy, gang - just a random question here. About 4 years ago, I bought a Boba Fett armor kit from "MB" who runs the Build Your Own Boba Fett site. As a fledgeling prop builder at the time, the kit was WAY overwhelming and I stuck it in a closet where it has remained... until now. I just found this huge box of plastic parts, resin shin tools, a gauntlet rocket, a huge hunk of resin jet pack rocket... and I was wondering what the general concensus was regarding MB's parts.

I don't know if he's even still offering armor kits. Has he improved them any? Do I have the equivalent of an old Mac-in-the-box here? Or something worth hanging on to?

Thanks much for the opinions! I can probably post some photos tomorrow if anyone wants to see 'em.

- Joe!
I can pretty much say with certainty, and with little argument, that the MB resin jet pack missile and thrusters have yet to be equaled in terms of accuracy by any other artisan.
I personally think, though others disagree, that the rest of his jet pack is pretty awesome too!:lol:
I think the general consensus is that his parts are a bit undersized. Maybe by about 7 -9%.
His armor needs some mods to make it more accurate, specifically, the collar needs to be trimmed more like a "stop sign" on the inside of the neck. The belly plate edges need to be rounded on the top three points. The backplate lacks the "collar" at the back of the neck.

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I just thought of something else, MB may have updated some of his parts since you bought them. Post some pics and we'll be able to tell you.
I thought this thread was about found MB parts:confused

Cletus (TSJY) My suit is most MB parts and my JP is all his. His older model. While it is heavy, I think it looks great and I am 6'2" 215 lbs. If you would like to see it, let me know.
I own one of MBs second generation jet packs and love it! He did a run of them in January of 2003 I believe. The detail on the thrusters is the best out there and the same with the rocket. The body could have been a bit easier to put together than it was but all in all its a great kit. I don't believe he's offering them anymore though. :(
Actually, if you check the Cargo Hold, you'll see I decided to part with this kit and have listed them on eBay in sets - gauntlets, jet pack, armor, etc.

You're right - the kits aren't easy to put together and as I am a definite novice in that field I decided to let someone who knows what they're doing have them. I figure that since I've been very happy with the parts I've gotten from Bobamaker, I'll get one of his jet packs when they're ready and I already have a new set of finished gauntlets and a set of armor on the way.

I guess I'm more of a "Boba Assembler" then "Boba Builder." ;)

- Joe!
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