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Alright, Iam severly pressed on time, I need to find some sorta blue print, schematic or otherwise dimensions of the hard armor to make cardboard templates to trace to my plastic to cut out and mould and make and paint, not to mention the vest, the jumpsuit and just about everything else there is to be Boba Fett, I have a helmet coming and thats about it, which I will be repainting and replacing the T visor for accuracy. If anyone has any kind of information on how to make the rest of the suit,(patterns for jumpsuit, vest, detailed instuctions on the guantlets, belts, pouches, shin tools i have covered, boots would be helpful too) I need to get plans ASAP to make this costume in time for a holoween promotion, and a movie reproduction next month.... I have looked on the internet for days, ebayed the heck outta my checking account, only to be outbid for an outrageous price, and personally exhausted myself trying to get this thing together, to save me a head ache Do NOT focus on the jet pack, I will leave it out until I need it next month. If someone has a pattern of the hard armor, or a "simplicity" pattern of the jumpsuit with the short and long sleeves and all, I will gladly rent/buy/borrow and return good as new them for this project, if you have pre cut armor pieces left, that you werent 100% satisfied with or something, I will gladly purchase them and work with them. (please note Iam severely limited on cash now due to some misunderstanding with my bank, if you can cut cost by just having flat pieces or something, please do) please contact me via email as well as post a message in this forum, I check my email about 3 times daily right now, and ill try to hit this forum as many times as i can. email me either at or either one works well, just put "boba fett prop armor" or something in the subject line. again.. i have basically just the friggin helm, so anything helps, Iam a rather large man, being roughly 6 ft tall and broad shouldered, if you would like measurements, please ask for them, I can get them. Again thanks for any/ all Help you can give me. ((notice this suit does not have to be 100% accurate for haloween, if you have some deformed peices that your going to toss or something, please consider me before you do. I will be returning to this forum after haloween to replace and get and make accurate pieces.)) I would like to have a decent set of gauntlets, gloves, and boots if possible, pluse the vest, jumpsuit, and the ribbed turtle neck piece by haloween, the knee armor and legs and jet pack can look like %$#!@ for haloween. Thank you for your time!

emails are:

Thank You!

THis might be the most stupid post ever.. cuz everyone else seems to have there blueprints already... so please... help me out.. I cannot find the "template" to use to make my Flat armor, to cut, mould and shape to my body.
I admire your dedication . . . it is similar to eveyone here on the site. I do not mean to sound like a pesimist-or-someone who is doubting your capabilities, but your time frame is very short. It took me six months to do my Jango Fett and it was barely done at Dragon Con 2004 . . .The best Fetts I have seen take about a year head to toe. If you want a close to finished suit....Ya gotta cough up some bucks but - - - I don't even know who can do it in your time frame as mentioned above! Do you have a 2 to 3 week vacation from work where you know you won't sleep?

I am not trying to be funny but realistic, once again, I admire your dedication,

reading your post, you seem to know what you are entering into. Any Fett

costume is a long journey where you are on detours and pitfalls. You aquire

material and solution type problems. On this board you might see people

showing off their Fett suit at some Con - - -but the reality is - - that they

are still working on their suit with many kinds of modifcations.

I hope you can prove us all wrong.

Best of Luck.
Well actually, I have come accross some plastic, its not sintra, but the provider said it will mould like sintra, aka the boiling and shaping process, and I have now drawn out from scratch and photos some decent looking armor plates. Ebay/Paypal and my bank account seem to be against me since Nothing is verifying for the sellers I bought from to start sending the other things, like the helmet that I need to repaint. I have about 10 days left, hopefully Rimshot will come through with his helpful hand. He is sending me necisary parts like the jumpsuit and vest and boots. So far its not lookin half bad... course that means its not lookin half good....
Ok if anyone still reads this, I have made some "make shift" pieces for my costume, the plastic I used is extremly tough stuff, industrial, but it was free. Ok everyone here seen the movie X men 2? picture magnetos plastic prison, its that sorta stuff, I had to use a heat gun to get it hot enough to melt a little to bend. anyway, like i said, there just crude for haloween, until I get some sintra. I still need an ESB cloak, gauntlets and hoses, robe belt and ammo belt, esb gloves and it should be good enough for haloween, then I can crank in the real money and effort for my movie reproduction, wich has been postponed until June of 05. This was just an update really on my progress, thank you Rimshot for the jumpsuit and basics to get my suit started.
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