Mattster27\'s Jaster Mareel Helmet *NEW PICS 1/ 28/ 03*



Mattster27's Jaster Mareel Helmet *NEW PICS 1/ 28/ 03*

EDIT: Scroll down.

Here's it is!

-DP '97 (Courtesy of Blastech)
-Paint job by FettsBounty (me)
-Visor from RA
-Paint colors are
<LI>Color Spray Sterling Silver (weathering)
<LI>Dulpi Color Gun Metal (Base color)
<LI>Krylon Burgandy Satin (T-Visor area)
<LI>Silver Acrylic (Various Weathering)






All that's left is to install the visor and attach the Range Finder.

Questions? Comments?

Yes, I have a question....If that other helm is in your way, I'll gladly remove it for you.:D
Other than that, I truly love the work & detail of your weathering! It all runs together like it was in a 400 mph sandstorm while at the same time giving it that "Hey, underneath the paint,it's all metal look". Great Job!(y)
It's also great to see a different helm once in a while!
Thanks for sharing.
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Whoa, that was quick! Just last night I was talking to ya about how the visor will come out & the next I know your almost done! Geez great job Austin, keep it up
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Great lookin helm Matt. Good to see something different and great paint job FB.
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Looks awesome FB. You did do that quick! I didn't even know if you had it yet. Glad I could be of some assistance, Keep up the good work!
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Thanks everyone! This was alot of fun to paint. My first custom job. And for thsoe of you wondering, this is based on the Jaster seen in the comic Open Seasons #2.

I just can't wait to see this on Matt. It's going to be great finally seeing a Jaster suit out there. Great choice, Matt!

And sorry BoJangle, but I need those helmets :p

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That is one BAD MUTHA F#@!%IN LID!!!!!

Love the detailed gauges in the plastic.

Great Job
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