Master Replicas DH-17 offer?


New Hunter
Okay, I'm not sure this should go in the Sarlacc Pit or not. I've not posted here in a looong time... a long time... *ahem* Sorry, I had to channel my inner Kenobi for a minute there. Anyway!

I have a Master Replicas DH-17/Rebel Trooper Blaster I want to sell. Now, let me explain something about this first. Way back before the dark times and the Empire (or around fifteen years-ish, give or take), I bought one of the MR DH-17s. After a while, I noticed that the "scope" on top had a little bit of wobble and I figured "Oh it must've arrived broken" or something like that, and I emailed MR to tell them my blaster was damaged, could I get a replacement? They did send me a replacement, but I never got around to returning the original one and the company folded shortly after that. So I ended up with two DH-17s and now I wanna get rid of one.

If somene buys the DH-17 from me, they'll be getting the duplicate replacement I received. The replacement comes in an official box and includes the plexiglass display case but NOT the Certificate of Authenticity or the little plaque. I'm gonna repeat that: If someone buys the DH-17 from me it DOES NOT INCLUDE a Certificate or plaque because it didn't come with either, but it DOES INCLUDE the collector's box and plexiglass display case.

My question here is, can I post an ad in the Cargo Hold for this or should I set up an eBay listing or what? I'm thinking about asking around $500 minimum for this thing, so I really don't know if people on here would go for it or not. Any suggestions and help would be great. You can reach me here in a comment or a note/PM/whatever!