17 years on TDH!


Sr Hunter
Today is my 17th TDH anniversary. o_O
17 years of reference pictures.
17 years of airbrushing.
17 years of stenciling, tracing, and templates.
17 years of fiberglass dust.
17 years of dealing with all of you detail-obsessed Fett heads.
And loving every moment!

TDH is one of the very small number of websites that I visit every day. I've learned more than I could even describe about Boba Fett, and made some great friends along the way. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around for many more years! (y)



I dont know if I am quite qualified to congratulate you but what you have accomplished here is just amazing! The work you did stands for itself and to me, your place among the greates on this board seems well earned!