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Hello everyone,

Seeing something missing from TDH as of recent years and that's the full on group efforts of bringing together the most creative minds to research and find all the items used through out the Star Wars Galaxy.

The gloves for Din are one of the things I've searched here and other groups to find more info about, but doesn't look like there is a lot. So here is the new discussion thread where we can discuss every aspect of them. I will start with providing all the items and reference that I have found and what I believe might be the goves used for the screen used set.

When the D23 mannequin went out, one of our own (stormtrooperguy) had someone there with a nice camera to snap a ton of photos. This was one of the main photos I went off of to find the base gloves:


Something I noticed is that for everyone using the work gloves there is a seam that is a top stitch flap beginning on the middle finger. Both sides of this flap are top stitched. The index finger side to the thumb is not... its a pressed seam. All the work gloves have double press seams, which have essentially ruled them out. Could these be custom sewn? Maybe. Do I believe that? Nah, only thing I think is custom is the extension past the wrist cuff.

So lets jump right in, i'll add more reference here shortly, but I believe I found the same maker of these:

Pratt and Hart's American Classics Tan color Deerskin Patrol Gloves.

Now here's the kicker... they currently are unavailable. My first pair, I bought the largest out there available, which were 10s for me and they are perfect on their own, but absolutely skin tight.

So for the top over glove, I used this:

Nappagalo Lambskin gloves. I got these in size XXL, the largest size and they are a big snug to get on my hands. (I have large hands...)

I used this photo and the above to determine where to cut the over gloves fingers down at:


You can see on the thumb too, this is just a simple cut with no stitching as the thumb portion rolls back to his helmet.

So currently, I wont say that the Nappagalos are THE glove. The seam on the palm-side of the thumb is a single seam, where the screen used has 2 stitch lines. But I can almost 100% confirm they are indeed lambskin. So also we are thinking of getting another pair to create the cuffs with like leather.


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So here is the photos of the gloves that I first got, the Nappagalo Fingerless, and the Pratt and Hart Patrol gloves:


This was before cutting the fingerless gloves down. So this was the largest size that was available at the time of the Pratt and Hart Tan gloves, which was a size 9, and you can see the tightness in the fingers. On me these were extremely tight. The biggest issue is that the gloves are VERY hard to get on and off when you double them up and it limited the movement.

So after cutting and numerous attempts of struggling to get them on and off, I decided to try a different pair of the tan gloves which were these:

I wanted to see how the color matched, and they are no where near close:

Once I got the gloves on though, the look is way better. It matches the same look and lose fit as all the promo shots I've found. First my pics, then the Entertainment Weekly photo I was using to match the folding look:




Looking at the colors, they are obviously a bit off, but I have a feeling that once I dye the brown on the base of the fingers, they will look virtually identical to what we see on screen.

The 2nd big question we have now is, are they 2 different gloves that the actors put the tan on first THEN then fingerless gloves, or did they permanently affix the gloves together? I am thinking I will cut the finger portions of the gloves down, and glue them to the insides of the fingerless gloves with barge cement.


I studied these extensively when I did my run. I should have a new run coming but I’m unsure of demand.
they’re definitely all sheepskin except for possibly the extended cuff. I was never able to confirm but sometimes the cuff looks like cowhide or deerskin. It probably wouldn’t be deerskin because of the cost. You have the right yellow gloves (except for the deerskin ones you posted) correct sewing type but I dont think the black ones would work without heavy modification.
I attached photos of my initial run. They’re very close the only thing that I couldn’t do on mine is the extended cuff (on mine has an inseam on the pinky side) should have a hand stitched seam down the middle of the palm.


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I think for my off the shelf ones, I am going to cut the fingers out just at the top of the palm with the webbings intact and glue them into the black fingers with Barge. But Trying to get them on and off with both the intact gloves is such a pain.

Do you think that the fingerless glove has an off the shelf match as well, with the same dual palm/thumb stitch?


I think for my off the shelf ones, I am going to cut the fingers out just at the top of the palm with the webbings intact and glue them into the black fingers with Barge. But Trying to get them on and off with both the intact gloves is such a pain.

Do you think that the fingerless glove has an off the shelf match as well, with the same dual palm/thumb stitch?
Honestly I wouldn’t cut them and glue them. It’s going to be really hard to get them glued properly and you can tell on the show that the black fingers are loose from the yellow ones.
ive looked and I haven’t seen anything


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Can't confirm the info. by any means, but an individual on the FB Mandalorian / Mandalorian- Din Djarin pages posted that these pieces were what was used for production. Myself and a few others took the chance and I'm pretty impressed/satisfied with the results, barring the zig-zag wrist stiching. Again, unknown if the individual that posted has any specific insight into the show costumes but thought I'd post the info. for anyone interested.



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Yes, the person who found those shared them with me too. It makes sense, our contact in the production said pretty much all the gloves in the show were bought of amazon because "making gloves sucks"... lol

So it makes sense that they would get the long gauntlet and cut it down and use the excess gauntlet material, sewing it back on with a zigzag stitch to give it it's cuff.


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Hello! I had a question regarding cutting the fingers off of the black gloves. Is there anything I can do to circumvent the stitching holding the glove together from coming apart over time as a result of cutting it? Would glue do the trick? For clarification, I’m making the gloves that Boba had in Season 2, which from what I understand are nearly identical to Mando‘s save for the darker under-glove, so I felt it applied here as well. Any help would be appreciated!