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Well, the Adventure begins, decided to post a thread about my Jango Journey, also wanted to Give Respect and Gratitude where it is due. I have some stuff purchased, painted and ordered so here is my breakdown of my components:

Helmet: One from WastedFett and One from Cruzer

Gauntlets: I have a previous set 3D printed but am still entertaining other options

Blasters: Dark Energy Creations, which is leading me to sell my Cruzer helmet and keep my WF to fund this purchase.

Armor: purchased here on TDH, waiting for it to arrive.

Flightsuit: purchased here on TDH, but I have an ROTJ one made by Arkady that I might dye in case the one I purchased is not gonna accommodate my chicken wings n cerveza baby , I am working out so I don't have to change my name to Bacon Fatt

Flak Vest: will probably go with Bobamaker on this.

Gloves: Meronas, HUGE THANKS to droidbait for the link to Amazon to snag that pair of gloves, You Rock Senor

Boots: Found a pair of KC's that should work from Poshmark otherwise am keeping Crowe as an option.

Girth Belt: RichiesArmor, purchased here on TDH

Pouches: RichiesArmor, purchased here on TDH

Holsters: Cruzer

Jetpack : MOW, already here, just need to paint it.

Now, I want to say Thanks to the following for their build threads, buckethead and droidbait? You two have started a Fire, major thanks for your progress pics and vids. Keep up the Awesome work Bros!

Thanks to Cruzer for still being a valued resource with his threads archived here.

And last but not least, WastedFett, my Jango helmet was my very first major purchase from him and he and the friends he has to assist him did not disappoint. He demonstrated strong communication practices, top notch quality standards and met his time expectations. I have been a prop and costume collector since the mid 90s, was also in the 501st for 10yrs as XO and GML for my local Garrison and retired to get back to my days of old, putting stuff together for me and my friends.

I also build AK rifles and assemble ARs, so I have a set of standards in my quality of work and have the same expectation of a level of standards in the props or costumes I purchase.

Anyway, here are some pics of the helmets that I was able to assemble and paint in reasonable amount of time, will post more photos as things arrive. The first set is my helmet from Cruzer which was a Gelcoat Fiberglass kit that I Rubbed n Buffed (eh hehehe). 20200625_191441(0).jpg 20200625_225228.jpg 20200627_222519.jpg 20200628_145252.jpg 20200628_173119.jpg 20200628_184157.jpg 20200628_184224.jpg

The next helmet is the one I got from WastedFett and it just Rocks 20200703_003154.jpg 20200703_174907.jpg 20200704_094617.jpg 20200705_143210.jpg 20200705_210458.jpg 20200705_210520.jpg 20200705_210543.jpg 20200705_210646.jpg

More to follow, Take care Friends


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Very cool , Out of curiosity and not knowing anything Jango , is there any differences in the types of jango helmets ?
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Well, originally was working on a Holiday Special Fett, then just a custom Fett, then the SW 1313 Boba, but I figured Hell, might as well go Texas Big and get the Wango Ze Jango going :)

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Some more pics of the Helmets. I have always believed that everything begins with the helmet, it's the First thing you lock onto when you see your Favorite character at a convention. I did use files to clear out the keyslots on back, went with a level 5 welders face shield since it's darker, has UV protection and very flexible for fitting in your helmet.

For padding, I went with Skydex pads and only two on the front near my temples and two on the back underneath the base of my skull, Super Comfortable :)

20200711_193430.jpg 20200711_193349.jpg 20200711_193249.jpg 20200711_193211.jpg 20200711_193138.jpg 20200711_192830.jpg 20200711_193112.jpg 20200711_192948.jpg


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Nice! For me I always start with the base boot. If they have a accurate boot or something super close to it. My favorite part of any costume is the helmet and boots. But in this case, the jango gauntlet and boots.

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Hola Amigos, been awhile but I got around to taking some more pictures, the armor is Meh, but it'll do til I either go with Bobamaker or lunchboxwars for upgrades. Still need a flak vest and holsters. Blasters from Dark Energy Creations arrived and will probably start them this weekend. My custom flightsuit from Arkady still fits and I will also start dyeing it this weekend.

Pics :

20200801_115307.jpg 20200801_115322.jpg 20200801_114752.jpg 20200801_114744.jpg 20200801_115349.jpg 20200801_114735.jpg 20200801_114726.jpg 20200801_115432.jpg 20200801_115449.jpg 20200801_114650.jpg 20200801_114640.jpg 20200801_114632.jpg 20200801_114622.jpg 20200801_115519.jpg 20200801_005145.jpg