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I talked to my seamstress today and we both came to a question, does the crop top go over her nipple line or underneath? We believe it goes over due to these reasonings, if you don't think so, please help us figure this out.
First pic:This is the left armpit area, and notice how the edge is cut going up at an / angle rather than down at an \ angle.
Second pic: This is the dress form, notice where the upper line is, indicating that the edge of the crop top could line up over the nip line rather than underneath bust line.
Third pic: This is a drawing I gave to my seamstress as to how I think the the whole 2 piece suit might look.

Crap, yahoo won't let me do the [ image ] thing.
From what I can see from the differ3ent pictures I have looked at and the ones you have posted Zam I Am I am lead to believe that the crop top comes to below the said nipple line. I would actually make it lower if you can for comfort reasons, but I am not postive what womne think it comfortable in that area. Just recall you will have the vest that does press things donw tightly if you are going to be screen accurate.

Also a thought for the believed back bodysuit that goes underneath. I honestly think makeing the black body suit either a part of the crop top with a zippered front that will not be seen under the vest or to just wear a black tank leotard as you do not need to cover the arms or legs on the wearer as the pants and crop top will. If you go the leotard rout I would recommend comeing up with a way to hold the crop top in place to the leotard so you do not have the crop top ride on on the slicker lycra.
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See, I was thinking because of the way it is cut / in the first pic rather than \ I don't quite see how it could go below the bust line. But if everyone thinks it should go below the bust line, then I will create the pattern that way.

Neoprene is a funny material, it's really hard to have a neoprene suit hold the bust without inserting a elastic band. I don't see an elastic band in the armpit area shot. See, if it goes above the bustline, it would match the angle of the first pic. We wouldn't have such a problem with matching everyone's bust size/chestline, And, it would supply the reasoning for why the suspenders are there, to keep the crop top from riding up and to keep the pants up. And, we could always "tack" or sew on the upper bodysuit to a tank/whatever black leotard underneath to keep the crop top from riding up.
check out what i mean at the bottom pic
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Also, another question,

By the way secol, your image hosting is awesome, thanks.
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IMHO the bodysuit part goes over the bustline... it would mean less bulk for the whole torso area. I, for one, do not need any more bulk than necessary! ;)

As far as the second question... it looks to me like it's simply a fold in the fabric where the arm goes forward... could also just be the angle the picture was taken at - but it doesn't look like a seam to me.
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I'll go with the opinion that it should go over the bustline - because of the reasons above, but also because of comfort. That's a big issue. ;)
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Well, to be honest, I've never worn anything that went over my bust line, so I'm not sure if it'd be comfortable or not. but MaulMaus does bring up a good point. I don't want everything bunching up under my bust line. :D

I'm for the pattern you sketched out Zam I Am. :)
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