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If there is enough interest, I can get the skirt patterns cut out for the group. I have no idea how much, but I will look into it. After doing the skirt, I found a much easier way to do it. This would be 132 pieces getting successively wider as they flow down. It could be 5-6 ounce or 7-8 ounce leather depending on what you want. I think I could get a hide for about $60 and get at least 2 skirts out of it. I'm not sure what the charge would be to cut it yet and won't until the interest is there.
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All those getting laces, make sure they are veg tannd or natural latigo laces. NOT predyed purple suede. The suede laces are not strong enough.

I hope to make the skirt myself, I have taken the photos to a guy near me who does leather and he gave me some pointers on making the skirt. He said that you can fold thin leather in Half and glue it to give the thick look and feel than getting thick leather to start with. He also said that the leather is probably painted differant colors instead of dyeing it several shades or getting differant colors. On the 12" Zam, the skirt apears to have a TON of squares cut out to make it up. Pictures look like the squares are far fewer. Does anyone know the correct number of squares will be needed? The skirt also apears to tapper up, and curves a little around the waits to give it that flare look.
actually.. i believe there is 168 squares - 14 wide, 12 tall :) (possibly 182 - if there is a 13th row under her belt)

i don't beleive that the squares get progressively larger - it hangs pretty straight, with only the slightest taper, due to the fact that it's wrapped more around her waist on the top and hangs free towards the bottom.

I'll, of course, get an exact count and measurement in a couple weeks :)
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Do you see how it turns a bit on the left side? I think that it's 15x12 with possible 13th under the belt.Equals 180 or 195. I think that they just lace some of the top row to the belt for easier changing of clothes. I wish we had a more accurate count before holloween. I still have yet to get the leather and stuff.
Wookie, are you still doing the skirt stuff? I know you have been busy. Let me/us know how things are goin...
i think you may be right...


i don't think it goes beyond 15 though... i appears that that is the final edge (look how the laces loop out).

I agree with the count. 14 0r 15 x 12, but if they are all exactly the same width and doi not get progressively larger, than the pics would not look like they do nor would it hang straight up and down when you wrap it.
I've been sitting back watching everyone add their info on the skirt. I haven't been too amped about doing anything yet because if DCB can get a true count on the squares and maybe some measurements, then we are in better shape. I have the perfect process to get the thing made and should be fairly inexpensive (less than $100 for the pieces for sure or I won't do it). If anyone is just dying toi have this, I can pursue based on current info but it will cost more to do.
I think you are definately right, those squares to get larger as they go down. Just take a ruler to the pic above and measure out the difference between square 1 on the horizontal line and square 8 on the same top row. square 1=2.3cm and square 8=1.7cm. So proportionately, they get wider as they come down. I wish we could mathmatically calculate how many inches each square actually is.
DCB, I wish that you could hook up with someone with a computer down there. I guess we gotta put in our requests early. hehehe. :) Hope you can see if the skirt connects to the cumberbun and how many cuts the cumberbun has on it. I know that there are hooks on one side tieing it together, but is it the same on the other side? ETC.ETC..
I'll practically stake my life that that skirt does not attach to the cumberbund directly. It would pull it down and hang funny. I dyded a belt and attached directly to it for mine.

it appears to me that there is a piece under the skirt to help it flare out when it's hanging flat- i'm going to use the word bustle for a lack of better words... maybe this is part of the flair going on with the skirt...


Attaching the skirt to the belt seems to make the most sense. Looking at pics of the cumberbund, you can tell that it laces together under the holster. The laces wouldnt be strong enough to hold up that holster, and it would be VERY uncomfortable. I'd assume that the holster is hung from your "underbelt" as well as the skirt...

I went to the leather shop today, and we decided on 16 across and 12 down, because the height of the squares stay constant (I thought they get bigger, but the height of ea square has to extend to the holes of the one overlapping it), but depending on how big one's waist is, you may need an extra row across. We measured at 1 1/4" across per square up at the top four rows, and 2" at the bottom four rows to give it the flare. So, you have about a 1/4" enlarging progression widthwize of the squares every four rows. Lacing is really hard to come by in that color. And, if you buy natural leather and dye it, you run the risk of it falling apart really quick, because the leather is not very strong. I am going to order a tandy catalog, you all should too. I brought my life size stand up to him and he said it looks like a 7-8 oz natural leather dyed. I was trying to get him to explain the difference between veg tanned and natural. Natural is weaker but takes in a lot more dye. I will be trying to decide if I can have the guy dye the veg tanned leather or natural leather.
Wookie, I believe you said veg tanned leather, is there a reason why you went with veg tanned instead of natural? Or, if anyone can help in this leather dept?
*imagines zam i am carrying around her Zam life-size stand-up all around* :D Man... I need to get one of those!

So - it's just the width that changes progressivly down the length of the skirt? Right? Makes sense to me.

The question on the lace... getting a strong lace to match the color of the skirt looks difficult as well. If the lace can't be dyed - can it be painted?
I'm not familiar with 'natural'. It has to be tanned. There are only two processes that I am aware of:

veg tanned (toolable, workable, moldable, dyeable)
Chrome tanned (drum dyed during the process)

I agree with 7-8 ounce, but it needs to be loose, not stiff.

Tandy is cheap but I have not had much luck with them in understanding my requests. Try Siegel of California. Ask for a sample so you can feel it, tug on it, etc. It's not just the look. I used 7-8 ounce standard oakside (oak bark veg tanned) and it looked perfect. It did not move the way I wanted it to, though.

OK - As for the progression, I have a pattern that is easily adjusted to the correct number of blocks with the same height and progressive width. 16 x 12. No problem. You basically have to figure out the angle that it falls and work from that. I think it was between 1 and 2 degrees for my riginal pattern.

This is what I mean by dimensions. Of course, it overlaps like roofing, but you get the picture. People will also be different waist sizes, so you have to adjust accordingly like an 1/8th of an inch per square wide etc, or add a column. I will ask the guy, "why not veg tanned instead of natural" next time I go there. I think I already asked him that, but he said veg tanned doesn't soak up as much dye and doesn't take the dye as well as natural does. Natural is untanned leather the "raw" stuff.

**Edit,** I actually think that it would be good to insert 3 inbetween measurements in exchange for three of the rows. For example, take out the last row of 1 1/4" and insert 1 3/8". Take out the last row fo 1 1/2" and insert 1 5/8"; and take out the last row of 1 3/4": and insert 1 7/8" This would make a better progression down. So, there won't be 4" gaps between row changes.
Kim used everything the same as Dan. He was very kind in offering lots of advice and info! Veg Tanned leather from Siegel of California. There was no problem with the dye soaking in.

She did however attatch the skirt directly to the underbelt that the cumberbund is built up on, so the cumberbund and skirt go on as one piece that laces up at the side by the holster.

It doesn't really pull it down since it sits at her waist and is laced REALLY tight.

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