making an E-11 toy look film accurate


Think it can be done? I ordered one of those white E-11 blasters with hope that after some modification, it can be made into the real-deal. It hasnt arrived yet, i'll post better pics when it does.

I've seen plenty of people make those look like the real deal, takes some work though. I dont know much about trooper gear though
I ordered it from a guy i know in the 501st, but I know he doesn't have any left. maybe check Kenner's website? I would also expect ebay has a few on hand.
Well i don,t know how movie acruate it is but heres mine. Made from the white star tours blaster.
<img src=><img src=>
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All me. Made the parts from sintra. I will be buying some parts from the site asok shared with us. Wish I knew about that site before I did mine. O well, at least I can say most of the mods are scratch built. Thanks for the link asok.:D
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