Makin' some greebs


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Makin' some new greeblies

Kathy started sculpting some new greeblies for her (our) new costume ;)

I think the first one looks pretty darned good!


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Uh.oh... Is this a family talent competition? ;) Looks great! Though Seeker is right, it does bear a striking resemblence to the Galactica!


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Everytime I see the title of this thread I think of that old Rob Schneider SNL skit... Makin' copies...

:lol: nice.. that's a timeless skit. I will probably always remember that one ;)

I finished the new broach last night .... well the first mold of it. I need to clean up the first copy and then make a new mold but it's turning out pretty nice :)

Yeah.. it isn't really a competition in the family but I'm trying not to critique her work too much ;)


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Wow!!! Awesome. I don't get over hear as much as I should, but whenever I do...I am always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that is going on with everyone's Zam costumes.(y) (y)

Keep up the good work.


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Thanks Julie ;) ... I'm not really trying to do that. I just like making the stuff ;) .. and now I've got my wifey into it as well.

Cruzer, thanks for the compliments! I'm trying to finish my jango as we speak so I can't wait to put your stuff into action... should've got a finished girth from ya ;)