Lots of questions about my Din Djarin Cosplay


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This is the current state of my Mando build. I'm very happy with the armor, all of the files are from GreatApe Studio. I painted them with Alclad and sealed them with the alclad sealer. The flight suit is some brown Red Kap coveralls off of amazon that I modified a bit, but am planning on adding in the rest of the stitching detail soon. The problems/questions come with the belt/bandolier and other leather parts like the gloves and left leg covering. I'm very unhappy with the belt/bandolier as its something I threw together with some 3d printed parts and extra vinyl I had lying around. It's falling apart, looks terrible, and limits my movement so much because i worry about it just coming apart if I sit down. The gloves are a similar case as they are slowly coming apart along with being big and bulky due to being crappy vinyl Darth Vader gloves with the fingertips cut off with yellow work gloves underneath. I'm aiming to keep upgrade costs low by doing these upgrades myself as I have a sewing machine.

Here are my big questions:

- Does anyone have good recommendations for accurate leather parts templates including the gloves, belt/bandolier, and leg wrap?
- What type of leather should I use for these parts for accuracy?
- If possible, are there cheap gloves I could buy to use as a base?
- I'm pretty confident in my sewing abilities, but would it be smarter to find affordable parts from another maker for this?

Also I've been thinking about coating all my armor in some 2k clear coat to get a more glossy finish, would that dull down the metallic sheen too much since I already put the alclad sealer on top?

This whole thing has been a very long work in progress for me, and I hope that upgrading/fixing the soft parts will help me feel more satisfied about the whole thing. I'm trying to keep the cost relatively low, but I appreciate any help I could get!

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