Losing weight to be more like Fett

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Wanted to post this up here because i consider TDH part of my extended family :)

As some of you may know if you follow me on facebook, i am on a quest to get down to a reasonable weight and look better in my Fett. I have gotten many compliments over the last couple of years on my gear and how i look in my suit and it is greatly flattering, and appreciated, however i know i could stand to lose a few pounds, and look even better. Last sept i was at 227lbs at 5'8". At that point i haven't trooped Fett in almost a year. I ususally averaged around 220, which is still overweight for my height, once i started gaining again and was up to 227, i realized i needed to do something not only so i can use my Fett, but for my health.

A diet ive done in the past with much success was Atkins. For those that dont know, its basically a low-carb diet. It goes a little more into depth than that, but thats the basic jist. I lost 17lbs on that in about 2 months and was down to 210. However the holidays hit and i gained back about 4...which isnt too bad considering lol.

So now at 214, Atkins was starting to get to me and causing some stomach issues (which never happened in the past...my older age perhaps) so i decided to start using this website/app called "my fitness pal". It basically is a calorie counting site/app, but set up for you and your goals. You enter your height and weight, your goal weight, and how much you want to loose per week (max 2lbs). It has been working fantastic. I started at 214 10 days ago (Jan 8th 2014) and am now down to 207(Jan 18th 2014). I feel great and am eating almost anything i want (within reason of course). I just try and follow the numbers they give me for things like calories, fat, carbs, protien, sugar, sodium etc and its been working out great. Ive had a few cookies over a 3 day span and even a 711 burrito one day for dinner, and have been able to continue to lose. My goal is somewhere between 150 and 160 depending on how i look. I will continue to update this thread as i go.

Id recommend this site/app to anyone who wants to lose some weight and needs something to kind of guide them. Thanks for reading and good luck to anyone in the same boat..post your stories as well...we all want to look our best as Fett and also improve our health at the same time!


Darth Voorhees weight loss
Sept 2012 - 227
Jan 1st 2013 - 214
Jan 18th 2013 - 207
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Keep it up Lou!

It's good that you posted your target goal and progress so we can harass/motivate you along the way :)

Good luck and keep us updated!

We're here to support ya!


That's dedication to the character! Nice! It'll pay dividens in just about every aspect in your life as well. Don't get frustrated. The first couple pounds will melt away and then the real work starts. Good luck!


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Well was one of my reasons for posting my workout review thread, was that I wanted to be a better looking Jango. It is always nice to have to fit into something to limit your abilities make excuses.

I am about to start another round of my workout de jour which has been T25. I have taken the last two weeks kinda easy as a short break but will start back tomorrow on a new round.

Good luck on the weight loss, it is always good to put it out here for everyone........it makes you more accountable.


Hey Lou that's great bud , keep at it. I never had a weight issue until recently, not too over but got that middle area that could use a little slimming. I put on my flight suit the other day and its a little snug. Maybe I need to try it too? Well good luck I'll be pullin for ya!;)


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I'm doing the opposite, trying to gain MORE weight, trying to get back up to my old weight of at least 160... Good on you though for losing so much so fast!


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Well done! I have just sent off my measurements for flightsuit and am becoming quite conscious that a few inches of belly will be on display, time for me to kick it up a notch too

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Good luck.
I'm thinking of doing my own kit but I myself have the swimmer's build that makes my shoulders look like a barn so I can sympathise with how fett armor would make someone look chunky.


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Keep on going. I am just started Gamma phase of T25 for the second time. I have been very pleased with my results on this program. It feels good to suit up as Fett when you are in shape.