Looking to upgrade my helmet

I've been considering an upgrade to my FHP2 ESB helmet with moveable stalk and flashing lights. From what I've read, self contained lights won't fit. Looking to get a hollow stalk to run wires from the servo to the topper so the lights work. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? and those that troop, do you use it a lot? is it worth the upgrade in your opinion?

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I had it in my kit for a little bit, but honestly for me the novelty wore off kind of fast. After a few troops i didnt really use it and since it was always a bit finicky i ended up taking it out. I did however leave in the flashing lights so if i did decide to put the RF down, the lights would work.


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I have an FPH2 with the hollow stalk. It was hell installing it, but once done, I really liked it. It is a tad finnicky, but I have never had it go down during a troop.

Despite having a speaker system, I try to keep with the persona and minimize the amount of talking I do, so it is something else to do. It is always a hit.

One note... I glued the ear piece in. I would use a magnetic attachment. The paint scrapes off a lot and will need a touch up from time to time.


I had a FPH2 helmet with all the lights and the remote range finder. It was cool but with all the added weight I couldn’t keep it on for very long as it kinda tweaks the neck. Now it’s just a show piece. My lid without all the gizmos is my trooping helmet and what a difference not having all that stuff in it makes for comfort.