Looking to put together a Boba Costume.


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Hi, I have never done a costume before, but I am very interested in putting one together. I was wondering where a good place to start would be, and if anyone had a full list of things I would need to complete the costume I would really appreciate it. I've been researching around the internet (eBay, here, and Google searches) and it all just seems so overwhelming. Alas, if anyone could help me out that would be great.

Jimmy BufFETT

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Ha ha ... I just knew where that link was going to lead to.:lol:thumbsup::lol:

Anyway, welcome to TDH, Riotide!:cheers I will say if you're looking to put together an entire Boba Fett costume, take a look at that thread first. If you want to continue, my advise to all people wanting to begin the project is to decide what version you want to do: pre-pro, ESB, or ROTJ. I encourage you to look at the TDH image gallery to see how each piece of the costume varies.