looking to purchase my first helmet


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hi everyone, I was wondering where I can get a high quality boba fett helmet that is already painted and is ready to wear. I figured that I would buy the first helmet so when I wanted to make my own, I had a good model for comparisson.
thanks in advance!


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Well once you get your post count up you can check the cargo hold. You can always buy a bucket from BobaMaker and have him paint it or you can get a FettPride and have someone else paint it up for you. There are several members on the boards that offer their painting service myself included if you have any questions drop me a PM.

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I was about to put my Fettpride up for sale that i wore at CV ill hit you up with some pics bud...


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(post deleted)

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the post for the GMH Helmet and figured out the answer to my question.
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