Looking to Buy Authentic Wearable Boba Helmet


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Hello I've looked all over online, and I'm a terrible craftsman. Everything online that isn't "Master Replicas" looks like it was made for a Party City costume shop. I'm just looking for a helmet that looks legit, and I don't have the skills to build it myself. Would the prices on here be cheaper or more expensive than "Master Replicas" and if cheaper then I am very interested in buying one. Thanks for reading!


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Hi,would say cheaper but depends on the paint job,also there's a few more screen accurate lids sold by members here which I think are much better than MR and cheaper.......


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eFX has their own helmet coming out but that'll come close to around 1K. For budget helmets you'll find kits from $150-200 shipped and more accurate models around $350-400ish. Commissions range from $500-900 depending on painter.