Lookin for the soft parts....

Jho Bho

New Hunter
Hey yall,
Im in the process of making a ROTJ Fett costume and was wondering if there were good reputable soft part makers around? If yall have contacts or know of some good people to deal with please, post them here.
Garrison Tyrannus
104th MFP
Boba Maker makes some pretty good soft parts appearently. I myself don't have any yet, but the pictures look GREAT, and most everyone who has his stuff has nothing but good things to say about it. www.bobamaker.co.uk
Also, check out skygunbros stuff.
i personally have some ESB TK-409 items (neckseal, pouches, gloves & cape) and a Skygunbro vest and flightsuit

all the items are killer and great guys to deal with. highly recommend (i do have my massive BobaMaker list going for my armor and bucket) ;)

hope that helps

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