Look what I made.


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I don't know where to put this for sure so I decided to stick it here with the other weapons. It's listed in one of the books, I can't remember which one, I know I don't have it. I think they called it a multi-detonator. I started playing with this, while waiting for paint coats to dry on my armor, and just finished it. Since I've not seen any of the parts positively identified, with the exception of the fire sprinkler nozzle, I scratch built everything. I scaled the pic of the prop using the sprinkler as a referance point and went from there. I used a combination of sintra, styrene, wood, a few nuts, and even a super glue cap. What do you think?

I'm not sure if I like the way the color turned out so I may repaint it.


Multi-detonator 007sm.JPG

Multi-detonator 008cropped.JPG

Multi-detonator 009cropped.jpg


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Very cool. How big is it?

I thought about making most of the Boba and Jango ones. That way when kids would ask "What's in there?" I would have something to show them.


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It's right at 5 1/4 inches at the widest points (the tip of the green thing to the other side) and a little under 2 inches at its highest point. Here are a couple of pics to go by.

I have some extra individual pieces made and I think I'm gonna try and make the rest of it in some seperate pieces and mold it. Maybe try and make a resin kit. If I can figure out the best way to do it.

Multi-detonator 012sm.JPG

Multi-detonator 014sm.JPG


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Very nice. They show that in the visual dictionaries. I was kind of wondering why they even show it in there since you never see it in the movies. Maybe it was originally in a cut scene or something.

I would say that everything on the one in the VDs (eww..thats a pretty gross abbreviation) is a found part since it looks like its mostly all brass.

All in all I think you've made a extremely nice rendition of it!(y)


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I decided I needed a display stand so I made one. It's not perfect but it will let anyone who sees it have an idea what character it goes to.

Multi-detonator Stand 004cropped.JPG

Multi-detonator Stand 005cropped.JPG


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[DeadFlee†];263948 said:
Everyone in this thread is going to hate me for this but...

No... we won't hate you. It's a legitimate question.

It is listed in the Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary as a multi-detonator.

Here's what it says:
"A multi-detonator was a high-powered explosive used for maximum damage potential. Its strength could rip a starship engine into fragments. It was also less susceptible to damper shield effects than a regular thermal detonator. It featured a concussion beam emitter, satellite spin piercer, and a cycle wave ripper surrounding a magno-thermitic charger and fragmentation housing."

There isn't a whole lot of info about it. Like I said before, the only thing I know of that has been positively identified it the fire sprinkler. The large "dial" part in the middle is some kind of manifold or valve but what kind is unsure. I'd love to find out exactly what everything is but this will have to do for now.